7 Amazing Things That Make This Afternoon Tea The Most Indulgent Thing You Can Treat Yourself To

Or treat your favourite person to

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The ritual of afternoon tea might have started in England but almost every community around the world does put aside some time in the day to sip on a good cup of tea or perhaps even coffee. Add to that some nibbles and sweet treats and everyone is enjoying the ‘meal’ in their own way.

However, there are times when you’re celebrating a moment or milestone and a cuppa at a casual café won’t do. That’s when you need Palm Court’s Gold Afternoon Tea.

What makes it so special? These things:

1. You start with gold (literally)

After being handed cold towels, you’re treated to a sparkling apple juice mixed with 24 carat edible gold flakes. Yep, only in Dubai!

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2. Your cutlery doesn’t get fancier than this

Gold afternoon tea means gold cutlery and plates lined with a gold rim.

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3. It’s a feast

The four-tier stand includes sandwiches, tarts, cakes and a side of scones. There’s a multigrain bread sandwich with goats' cheese, red peppers and zucchini. The best bit is the melted cheese on top of the sandwich. There’s also a wobbly piece of apple jelly that sits on a buttery and rich foie gras terrine. Our pick was the boat-like bread loaded with top quality crab meat and lobster and sprinkled with black fish roe. 

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4. The food is like art

Proof being these rose-like rolls of salmon on a diamond base finished with a dash of sour cream and salmon caviar.

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5. There’s a Middle Eastern element too

Dates play a starring role in the dessert selection. The sponge cake is the Middle East’s answer to a Christmas cake. We also got a succulent date stuffed with hazelnut and topped with gold leaf. The pistachio macaron was a smooth filling sandwiched between two light, crusty shells.

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6. Cappuccino art rules here

Needless to say, the cappuccino also gets its share of gold. Usually it is the logo of the parent company, the Jumeirah Group, that's sprinkled with gold dust. But for the month of October, a ribbon in support of breast cancer awareness gets the attention.

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7. The location doesn’t get better than this

And the cherry on the cake is that Palm Court lounge is set in the lobby of the gorgeous wave-shaped Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

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This is something you probably don't know…

The dome in the centre of Palm Court lobby lounge is painted just what the night sky looked like on the day the seven emirates unified to form the UAE. Do check it out the next time you’re there.

The details you need to celebrate a special occasion here:

  • Location: Palm Court, Jumeirah Beach Hotel
  • Gold Afternoon Tea is priced at AED 400 per person and is available from 1pm to 7pm daily
  • For more information call 04 406 8758
  • Click here for information on the other afternoon teas offered at Palm Court
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