Get Down To This New Mexican Place Before All Your Friends Are Talking About It!

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Dubai has always had the fast food international chains. It has also had the high end places. What it lacked, unlike it’s international counter parts like London and New York, were places that were set up here, that have a mix of affordability, slick design, great food and drinks and a good atmosphere to go with it. Times are changing. Last year we saw Nola, Cocktail Kitchen and Mythos open up in JLT. 

And now, just when the summer is ending, people are arriving back after vacation looking for new places to go to. It feels like a good time to pressing refresh on 2016, Enter Muchachas Mexican Cantina. The timing seems perfect.

'There is a lot of hype about this place, and it doesn’t disappoint'

Bull & Roo have done it again. Muchachas is the 5th place in Dubai from Bull (aka Serge from Spain) and Roo (aka Tom from Australia) of Tom & Serg fame. Ever since their first place name after them opened three years ago, it herald a new era of personalized local food concepts in Dubai. Following the success of Tom & Serg, it would have been easy to open a few more of the same place. 

However, recognizing that discerning foodies in Dubai wanted more bespoke places and more choice, they choose a different route. ‘The Sum Of Us’ followed, then Common Grounds, Then Brunswick and now Muchachas. There is a lot of hype about this place, and it doesn’t disappoint. 

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They do know how to stir it up

The marketing geniuses at Bull & Roo create these unique quirky videos and images to announce the arrival of as they like to call it, 'Your New Girl Crush’. Muchachas, you see, is a flirtatious name for a girl in Spanish. 

She’s adventurous.  She’s not afraid to say the wrong thing, have one too many or laugh too loud.  She’s got great taste in music.  Her food is fast and powerful – crunchy, zingy, zesty, salty and sweet – made for sharing.

‘It’s in the middle of nowhere’

You will hear this said about Muchachas. Actually, its in the centre of the city. On SZR on the Jumeirah side. It’s near Gulf News and Safa Park, places on the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express hotel, which will take a back drop to this sure to be popular new hangout. Sure, there is a bit of navigating to get around new fly overs and road works, but once you know how to get there, you will be rushing back again and again.

Who designed this place?

Muchachas could win awards at design shows it’s that good. Firstly, it’s very visible from the hotel lobby, the colors and name are eye catching. As soon as you enter, you can see the full length of the restaurant / bar floor and the upstairs area too. 

The tables are both visible and private at the same time. The high rise bar / table offers that blend between a bar and a restaurant. There is a giant circular mirror on the wall offering dept. The bar and kitchen have a lot going on too. The light tones are the perfect back drop to the vibrant music and spicy colorful food. 

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Where do you stand on Mexican food?

For some, it’s their favorite cuisine. The mix of tacos, burritos, enchiladas with Mexican beers and famous cocktails, you can’t go wrong. For others, it’s too spicy and perhaps too cheesy. I don’t do too well with spicy food, but I love burritos, which they don't have, which I think is a good think. Burritos can be messy, and there are places like Taqado and (soon to arrive) Tortilla that you can go to if you just want a burrito. 

Muchachas is for those who want a bit more option to their Mexican food. They've Grilled flank steak taco (29AED) or the SUPER cheesey queso fundido with spiced devil prawns and pineapple (76AED). There is the full Fiesta Menu where you get a bunch of staff favourites (225AED pp). Their weekday lunch deal (12pm – 3.30pm) is 65AED.

Muchachas Queso Fundido 76 Aed
Muchachas Grilled Flank Steak Taco 29 Aed
Muchachas Chilaquiles 65 Aed
Muchachas Camarones A La Diabla 94 Aed

Go for the drinks alone. 

The cocktail bar is almost as obvious as the kitchen in Muchachas. I had a guacamole margarita that tastes way better than it sounds! This place is going to be packed from this weekend, get down there soon to check it out. 

If you feel like adding a bit of fiesta to your evening, this is the place to go. Make your reservations on Reserve Out.

  • Opening Hours: Sun - Sat: 12:00pm to 1:00am
  • Daily Siesta Hour: 4:00pm to 6:00pm
  • Dinner: 6:30pm to 1:00am (last order at 11:30)

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