This Activity Is Without A Doubt The MOST Romantic Date in Dubai.

...Do it before it gets too hot!

Dubai Date

There are so many amazing things you can do in Dubai. It is a city filled with some of the world’s most exclusive restaurants, hotels, bars and beach clubs. There is never a dull moment but with so many options and choices, when it comes to planning a special occasion, it can be a little bit daunting knowing where to start, especially if you are planning something really special or romantic.

6 Reasons Why This is the Hottest Date in Dubai (Before it Actually is Too Hot)!

That’s where Platinum Heritage desert safaris can help. They are a luxury desert safari company that provide tailor made experiences, which go above and beyond expectation and give you a taste of the real Dubai and it's history, whilst also providing the wow factor that the city has since become famous for. 

Being a tailor made experience, you can work with them to create your perfect day just as we did to mark a recent anniversary and it didn't disappoint. Here are 6 reasons why we loved our experience and recommend you try it before it get's too hot!

1. 4,000 Feet High in a Basket

There are not many things I would wake up at 4am for, but a hot air balloon ride over the desert at sunrise is definitely one of them. After the initial pain of the alarm wares off and you see the giant balloon being inflated as dawn approaches, you will immediately pat yourself on the back for making the right decision, and this is just the start!

During the safety briefing from the excellent pilot crew you can't help but feel that perfect combination of fear, excitement and adrenaline as you prepare to board.

Once up in the air you immediately feel like Aladdin but instead of a magic carpet, you have a giant balloon, which feels a lot safer! It is a unique feeling to be 4,000 feet in the air in a basket and you really have to experience it to know what I'm talking about. Once you have snapped a selfie or 5, lean over the edge (but not too much), breathe, and take it all in. As the sun peaks it's head over the horizon, keep your eyes peeled for the wildlife as the gazelles and oryx' begin their day.

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A post shared by Claire Peach (@clairelpeach) on

2. Sunrise and Shine

We are so spoilt for prime sunset locations in Dubai that after a few months we don't even bother to get our phone out to snap it anymore. The sunrise on the other hand, is a much rarer beast. Getting up at 4am is tough, so you aren't going to see many a sunrise, but if you're going to make the effort then you may as well see it from 4,000 feet in a wicker basket gliding above the me.

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3. A Breakfast of Champions

To really experience Dubai you have to go back to the basics, Bedouin style. This experience gives you a taster of the Bedouin set up and way of life over breakfast in your own private desert conservation reserve. You will be collected by your guide and driven to the private reserve where you are greeted with some traditional Arabic coffee and dates - any cobwebs that haven't been blown away by the balloon should now be gone!

Take a seat, breathe, relax, take in the view and grab yourself a well earned breakfast. Prestige know how to lay on a breakfast spread - I'm not sure how often the Bedouin tribes chowed down on salmon and caviar but it goes down a treat in this idyllic setting for sure!

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A post shared by Claire Peach (@clairelpeach) on

4. Own the Sand in an Iconic Vehicle

Fuelled by your breakfast, jump into a 1950's Land Rover and see the desert up close and personal. Rather than bashing the dunes, rely on the first ever vehicles to travel the desert to provide you with panoramic views, unrivaled class, and a uniquely nostalgic experience as you enter the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. 

This is a protected area and the classic car treats it as such, gliding along pre-defined routes to avoid interrupting any natural habitats. As you rumble on through the desert keep an eye out for gazelles, oryx, lizards and more. With the views, the wildlife and the classic car you feel a little like you are in a movie but give yourself a pinch - this is real Dubai!

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A post shared by Claire Peach (@clairelpeach) on

A post shared by Claire Peach (@clairelpeach) on

5. You Are in Great Company

From the wildlife, to the car, to the hugely helpful and informative safari tour guides, you will be in amazing hands throughout your experience. 

My tour guide, Botir, was exceptional from start to finish - from picking us up at the Outlet Mall at 4:50am to dropping us home 5 hours later - he ensured that our experience was fun, comfortable and informative. Anyone who can maintain a conversation at 4:50am deserves a medal in my opinion! The whole experience really gives you that VIP feeling as you are treated so well throughout the morning.

Aside from the humans, look forward to Oryx, gazelles, snake tracks and lizards to keep you company. The well-being of the wildlife is at the heart of everything Prestige do and this only enhances the experience further as you see the animals relaxed in their natural environment.

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6. And Finally, if it's Good Enough for Them...

If like me one of your guilty pleasures is keeping up with the crazy lives of the world's A listers (ok, occasionally B listers... sometimes C listers), then you might be interested in which ones have also enjoyed this unique experience when they visited Dubai. And this bunch are very much A list category!

Kylie Minogue

@wesamaf ..... Thanks. Loved it!!! 🚙😎🌟🔥🐪

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Selena Gomez, Kate Bock & Shay Mitchell

Rachel Hunter

✨Dubai March 2015 ✨

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Nicole Richie

High on spices and life bb ✌️ #Dubai

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Jaden Smith

One Day...

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Rebel Wilson

Ricky Martin

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