Could This New Sushi Joint Be The Best Downtown?

We checked out Mori Sushi at their launch party.

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Are you a crazed Sushi lover?

I have to put my hand up here and admit that Sushi never really excites me, I am more of a hunks-of-meat kind of guy. Because of that reason Sushi is low on my wish list, to say the least; luckily my co-eater and long suffering partner is pro-sushi for some strange reason and loves strange raw fish, seaweed and rice. 

Newly opened in Downtown Dubai right on the Dubai Boulevard, there is a bit of a buzz surrounding this newcomer to the area, and some mystery. With the website still under construction, you will struggle to find any information on concept or even a menu for their Dubai branch. However, I have done my research and can inform you that Mori Sushi is well established and loved in Egypt, billed as "Fusion Sushi" they have an incredible selection of stunning looking food. 

Despite my dining preferences I understand that Sushi is a 'thing' right now, you probably love it and may be eating it right now, thinking to yourself, "What a sad, underdeveloped pallet this poor chap is living with, nom nom nom". Well that's great, then this place is definitely for you. So wipe those crumbs out of your beautifully trimmed hipster beards and gaze in wonder at these pretty little offerings from Mori Sushi.

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Shrimp Tempura with spicy mayo. Photo Cred Phil Seaton

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Our Salmon Jalapeno platters being lovingly prepared. Photo Cred Phil Seaton

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Photo Cred Phil Seaton

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Photo Cred Phil Seaton

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Photo Cred Phil Seaton

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Little bowls of seaweed. Photo Cred Phil Seaton

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Shrimp Tempura. Photo Cred Phil Seaton

So what's the verdict?

Expect an amazing menu with an impressive variety, so get there a bit earlier to allow for decision time. Some of our favourites included the Salmon Jalapeno platter with Ponzu sauce, the Shrimp Tempura with spicy mayo, the Beef Fois Gras and all of their beautifully crafted Maki and hand rolled Japanese Sushi. There was obvious quality in everything we sampled, but at the end of a mighty feast my taste buds held firm, simply refusing to jiggle with the excitement they seem to save purely for offerings of their favourite red meats. Having said that, there were moments there when I nearly turned, which is a massive compliment to the chef. My other half, judging by the amount of visits to the buffet and various food induced noises, seemed to enjoy it all very much. Pleasingly there were also some meaty offerings for me to enjoy, and the various juices, 'mocktails' and smoothies we tried were a revelation. Being right on the Boulevard there will not be any boozy offerings for those who imbibe, but that suits for a quiet midweek eat straight after work.

And the price for all this yumminess?

Pretty manageable actually, I expected higher prices for such a sought after location. Let me give you a full run-down. Appetizers are around 30AED with platters around 50AED. Sushi combos start from 176AED for 24 pieces, Sushi itself is around 50AED for 6 pieces with Maki around 25AED for 6 pieces. Sashimi is also available for around 55AED for 10 pieces. 

There is outdoor and indoor seating too, with a great view of the Burj Khalifa and the supercars buzzing round. It's a cool looking joint where dressing up a little will not make you look out of place. I expect this new arrival in the Sushi scene of Dubai will do very well, but they do need to hurry up with their website. 

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Written By

Phil Seaton