This Madinat Spot Has Hands Down Some Of The Best Chicken Wings In Dubai

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What is this place?

You typical American Smokehouse, Perry & Blackwelder's offers hearty, wholesome and fantastically messy munch - going by the old adage "if you haven't got sauce all over your face, is the meal even any good?"

Erm, so we may have made that adage up, but bear with us. P&B's is a shining beacon of casual-dining in the midst of the ever-growing number of relatively fancy restaurants dominating Dubai's food scene. Because it's nice to keep things casual sometimes right? We think the crowds at newly opened Lock Stock, Brunswick, and of course P&B's every weekend are proof that people in the city are gladly welcoming the comeback of a more relaxed dining experience.


An all American Smokehouse that's got something for everyone

P&B's is popular as a family restaurant, but it's actually much more than that. Spread over two floors of the Madinat Jumeirah Souk; it's got outdoor seating (stools or bean bags - your choice) on each floor over-looking the Madinat waterways, where if you're lucky you'll catch some live music. This spot is perfect for families, friends, dates and (most importantly right now thanks to the Euros) it's the perfect place to watch a match with your mates. 

Don't bother visiting if you're not going to order the wings

The decision of 'best' chicken wings in town is always a controversial choice - people can be extremely particular (Read: fussy) about their wings, especially when we have so many great spots for wings in the city. So it's fair to say, we were unexpectedly blown away when we tried the P&B's Smokehouse wings tossed in a BBQ sauce.

Is it too much of a cliché  to say there were finger-licking good? Whatever, they were. 

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This is ULTIMATE comfort food

A quick glance at the menu and you'll know what we're talking about. Not for the health conscious (leave the calorie counter at home), this is indulgent, delicious munch. With tender cuts of smoked meat, lashings of sauces, different types of fries and standard P&B 'fixings' like smokehouse corn, smokehouse slaw and even candied yams, there is something to suit all taste buds here.

We tried the Prime Smoked Beef Short Rib with a side of beautifully gooey mac n' cheese and a green salad, (our poor attempt at being healthy) and the BBQ pulled brisket with onions, pickles and a BBQ sauce, served with side of hearty house slaw and the famous BBQ smoke sticks (which are a combo of normal fries and sweet potato fries). The meat in each was tender, juicy and it fell off the rib bone...perfection. 

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And obviously the desserts are unreal

Being an ABSOLUTE SUCKER for anything with Reese's Pieces, I immediately chose the Chocolate Brownie Banana Split with Reese's Pieces ice cream while my guest went for the strawberry cheesecake. Although mine was the better choice, (obviously) we unfortunately have no picture-evidence as the ice cream on mine started to melt before we could snap a decent pic. Oh well, you'll have to go for yourselves to get a look at the real thing.  

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The Important Bits

Starters average AED 40

Mains average AED 80

Desserts AED 45

P&B's have an all-you-can-eat-Wings deal on Wednesdays for AED 79 (This is definitely as dangerous as it sounds).

It's also Happy Hour all day Saturday, so it's basically your perfect Saturday recovery spot. 

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