8 Dishes That Make Sho Cho in Abu Dhabi Worth The Trip

And the setting 'aint half bad either!

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Setting and Ambience

Sho Cho has an active weekly schedule, with a different theme every night of the week. It's known both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai as a lively night spot. Friday being the most popular in Abu Dhabi and Sunday being the night to go in Dubai. With a large outdoor area at both, you will usually get a vibrant mix of people enjoying the deep-house music and delicious food. It's also not a bad place for a date! We decided to head to Abu Dhabi to check out Sho Cho there. Before we get to the food, take a moment to take in the setting...

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What's the Secret?

When a meal is of the highest standard, you start to ask what has made it so? Sho Cho has been spinning plates and tunes in the UAE for a while and this Japanese cuisine is as popular as ever. We asked Lorenz, our very attentive waitor. He paused, and said, he believed the secret is that the fish is freshly cut down stairs, most other places have a commissaire somewhere near by, it's then boxed up and delivered. Where as the fish, coming from Scandinavia, Japan or the gulf sea, is prepared on premise. Makes sense to us. 

Well, we were happy with our lot. Here are eight dishes why you could well do with a sunset meal in Abu Dhabi... 

1. Salmon Maki Rolls

This was outrageously good. Salmon skin and spring onions with creamy chili and garlic sauce.

2. Rock Shrimp Tempura

Even with all the rock a.k.a butter ponzu, you could still vouch for how fresh the shrimp was. It's almost wrong how good this tasted. 

3. Edamane Soybeans

After the first two dishes, something ligher was needed. Then the Sho Cho edamame soybeans with ginger, sesame and soy did the trick. Note to self: never eat edamame without dressing again. 

4. Sesame Yellowtail

This is another one that would have a strong claim for dish of the day. Beautifully chopped sesame coated yellowtail slices, seared with olive oil and yuzu soy, garnished with coriander; the fish arrived fresh off the boat from Japan this morning. Crazy good. 

5. Sa-ka Maki

Our second maki, this one served with caviar (we were being spoilt at this stage) salmon, kani, avocado, cucumber and Japanese mayonnaise]. Can this ACTUALLY get any better?

6. Beef Tenderloin With Yellow Chilli Sauce

After all that fish, the beef was welcome and it didn't disappoint. Cooked to medium, it fell apart perfectly and tasted every sort of right. 

7. Miso Soup, Fish Cake And Tofu

This was a chef special of the day. Full of favour despite the broth-like texture Miso has and the tofu was perfectly made. We started thinking we must have got very lucky with the day we were there!

8. Chocolate Fondant

Apart from ice-cream and sorbet, this was the only REAL desert on the menu. It took about 20 minutes to make, and was worth every second. Another claimant for best dish on offer, and that's saying something!

What's The Damage?

For the quality of cooking, the freshness of the fish and the amazing setting, the price of Sho Cho in Abu Dhabi is very reasonable. 

  • The edamame beans - 22 dhs
  • The maki rolls range - from 21 dhs to 55 dhs
  • The sesame yellow tail - 68 dhs
  • The rock shrimp tempura - 97 dhs
  • The beef tenderloin - 112 dhs
  • The miso soup - 24dhs
  • Chocolate fondant - 69dhs

For more info visit the Sho Cho website here

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