This Mind Blowing 15-Course Tasting Menu Is Only AED 375 And They Serve Your Dessert First

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When it comes to fine dining in Dubai, we are spoilt for choice. There's been a boom in the 5 star cuisine scene in the past few years so when it finally comes down to actually choosing somewhere new and different to eat out in – it can be a bit of a challenge. Half the time, you end up eating in the same old place again and again.

Enter Carnival by Tresind – It ticks all the boxes.

Fun, quirky (the presentation is unreal), themed (hence the name, Carnival) and damn delicious food that will leave your mind blown, in more than one way. Not only that, their tasting menu is 15 (or 8 if you're not that hardcore) courses long so you definitely get a real taste for their uniquely inspired cuisine.

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Located in the heart of DIFC, Carnival by Tresind is a progressive Indian fine dining restaurant

Its food is based on the unique concept of molecular gastronomy. Each dish a combination of the revival of ancient Indian cooking methods and the memories of the team members involved. The experience will take you on a historical journey of India throughout the years. Not only that, the food is epically quirky so you'll have fun while you eat...

Yes, you heard right. It's a whopping 15-course  menu served in an unconventional order. Dessert first anyone?

You can opt for either the a la carte menu but honestly, if you don't go for the tasting menu you won't get quite as much out of the experience. Just make sure you book an early reservation, as it's ALOT of food to get through...

To be honest, the 15-course tasting menu is more akin to a theatre performance rather than a meal. Each dish is served with a nugget of history and a flair of style that is completely unique and intriguing to those on the receiving end.

Here's an insight into what we ate...

OMFG – To start we had the Punjabi kulcha stuffed with a sweet pumpkin filling

These were incredible and were the perfect opening to our culinary journey with Carnival by Tresind. Unsure as to whether they were a taster of a dessert or a main, we didn't care – they were that good. You could genuinely eat a whole stack of these little gems and still be salivating for more. 

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Easily the tastiest course on the menu – Creamy avocado with rock salt on a white cocoa butter hive which is served in a dramatic display of mist to further add to the intrigue of the dish

These melt-in-your-mouth tiny bites overwhelm your senses. The fact that its a dessert that is served at the start of your meal, reinforces my opinion that dessert should always be served first.

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Crispy jalebi, sour yogurt and tangy chutney. 

This sweet and sour combo is a mouthful of creamy and crunchy deliciousness that will leave you wanting to lick the bowl. Honestly it's divine. Full of traditional spicy flavours, the sour yoghurt acts as a perfect compliment to the dish.

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Chicken pakora coated with bondi crisp.

Succulent chicken, honestly the menu is like one taste explosion after another.

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Crispy, Kerela style pickled prawn fry

Sweet and succulent.

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When I said theatre performance – I was talking about this: Scallops with assam tea dashi

The scallops were served in the dish, our waiter then artfully poured the tea over the scallop in what could be compared to a theatrical display.

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Quite possibly the smallest and prettiest macaroons in existence...

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The Mains...

At the start of the meal, even though we knew it would be a 15 course menu, when we saw the size of each dish we got a little bit worried about whether we would be full by the end. Then all the mains were served, and that worry vanished completely from our minds. We were stuffed.

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Here's a few more things to wet your appetite...

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The budget side of things...

Vegetarians rejoice: both the 15 course and 8 course tasting menu comes with a vegetarian option! 

  • 8 course vegetarian is AED 250
  • 8 course meat is AED 275
  • 15 course vegetarian is AED 350
  • 15 course meat is AED 375

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