There's A Reason Why This Restaurant Is A Celeb Hot Spot In Dubai

Food like you've never tasted before

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If you haven't heard of Nobu: who are you?!

Nobu Restaurant, is a world renowned Japanese restaurant chain with locations not only in Dubai but in the US (New York, Dallas, LA and Miami), Australia, China, Malaysia, Italy – the list goes on. Headed up by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, for years Nobu Restaurants have been a celeb hub for date nights and girlie nights out. 

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Jennifer Aniston on a date night in Nobu with husband-beau, Justin Theroux

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In Dubai....

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Japanese cuisine like you've never tasted before

These days, most people like to think they're pretty well versed when it comes to Japanese food – sushi, dumplings etc. What else is there to know?! Well, Nobu will make you question your previous so-called expertise by transporting you to a whole new contemporary space that mixes traditional and modern Japanese elements.

Always one for trying to taste everything on the menu

We left our fate in the hands of the experienced staff and let them do the choosing (everything is best shared FYI)...and thank god we did because you may not necessarily think of ordering what they dished up. Everything they served was light, zesty and fresh and in no way left you feeling too full or too bloated after – we didn't even have one ounce of guilt stuffing our faces.

Crispy Rice with King Crab

We started off our culinary experience with this winner of a dish. Tasty crispy bites which you can smother yourself in the creamy king crab mix on the side. 

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Salmon and Yellow Tail Sashimi

Sashimi has honestly never tasted so good and we don't think we can ever go back to ordering it from the 'place next door'.  The Yellow Tail Sashimi with Jalapeno was softly complimented by the accompanying coriander and the Salmon Sashimi with sesame and chive. All the flavours were subtle but perfectly balanced each other out.

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Creamy Spicy Rock Shrimp Tempura

Normally when you think of Tempura, you think deep fried batter that you can drown yourself in soy sauce. Well, Tempura Noby-style is delicate and light but every bit as delicious. And that creamy sauce? Wow.

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Scallop Tacos with tomato salsa

Definitely not your run-of-the-mill spicy Mexican tacos, these are bite-sized (well two-bite-sized) and the flavours so delicate, you'd almost lose them.

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The famous 'Black Cod'.

Sweet, succulent, slightly crispy on the outside and damn tasty, this cod puts to shame all my attempts cooking cod myself.

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Wagyu Beef

Tender and juicy slices of medium-rare steak dished up with a selection of three yum sauces. Our favourite was the wasabi (don't worry it wasn't quite as potent as the stuff served with sushi, more like a subtle version of it that doesn't burn your nose off).

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To finish off...

Cheese cake and a chocolate volcano...The pics speak for them selves...delicious. 

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The logistics

Understandably, unless you're absolutely rolling the cash in, Nobu isn't the kind of place you can afford to dine in three time a week (although if we could, we would!). That said, if you have a special night coming up, it's the ideal place to treat someone to. Great food, great staff and some top-notch Sake Martini's to wash everything down with.

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