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If you're feeling more a la carte than buffet

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Some brunch formats in Dubai are special a la carte menus. The only thing they have in common with the typical brunch is that they are all-inclusive packages. So, basically, they are really good value for a wholesome meal with drinks included.

Ruth’s Chris steakhouse at The Address, Dubai Marina does a wonderful job of the a la carte brunch, helped by the fact it's in such a relaxed setting. Ruth's is so much more than a steak house, here's why you should check it out...

1. Cocktails

Starting off a meal with a cocktail is always a tricky thing to do. I had the perfect one, a blueberry mojito with no added sugar and just the right kick. Perfect to set the tone for the afternoon.

2. Starters

Usually you might have one starter before your main course. This time we had them all.

Tuna in beer sauce

Rock shrimp 

Crab stack



Onion soup (Second course before the mains)

3. The meat

Being a steakhouse, you would expect the meat to be good. I liked how there wasn’t much fuss about clearing the plates, having the juice on the hot plate as the meat sizzled on arrival to the table was nice. I went for the New York strip and it was delicious. We also had chosen lamp chops, that were equally sizzling and tasty.

New York Sirloin Strip 

Lamp Chops

Mushrooms and Creamy Spinach

4. Atmosphere

I’ve eaten here in the evening previously, both with a large group of guys a on carnivore mission and with a friend. It can be suitable for group dinners or just two people, but as an evening place. I was curious how this would work during the day.

We were seated by a family, which is strange at a brunch, however, by the end of the afternoon a few pleasantries with the said table made the occasion more memorable.

The staff were exceptionally attentive, and this is a brilliant feature of this restaurant. They make you feel so important.

5. Cheesecake

 It can come in many shapes and sizes. This one was in a biscuit tart topped with cream and it was exceptional...

All the info: 

  • The Jazz Brunch: AED 350 - Unlimited A La Carte Dining and a Selection of Beverages
  • The Cocktail Brunch: AED 450 - Unlimited a La Carte Dining and a Selection of Beverages & Cocktails
  • The New Orleans Brunch: AED 550 - Unlimited A La Carte Dining and a Selection of Beverages, Cocktails & Free Flowing Champagne
  • Children aged between 6 – 12 years enjoy Brunch for just AED 150
  • Guests below the age of 6 enjoy their meal on the house

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