There Is An Affordable Old School Japanese Place In The Crowne Plaza On SZR That Is Worth Knowing About

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Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese which bloom in Japan between March and May every year. Sakura really focuses on attentive, knowledgeable and friendly service. An art much forgotten in many of the more 'famous' Japanese restaurants here in Dubai what we loved about Sakura was that this is a place for anyone and everyone to enjoy Japanese culture, food and values. Often overlooked by newer, fresher concepts we went to see how Sakura's traditional teppanyaki concept holds up against the new kids on the block and we were pleasantly surprised.So here are five reasons why we think Sakura makes for a fantastic, family experience. 

1. Fantastic value for money 

Japanese is traditionally extremely expensive when you move outside the cheap suishi courtyard brands and yet Sakura is fantastic value for money. Here you can try soups, sushi, teppanyaki and other Japanese delicacies all for a similar price point to a Reform Cafe. A bottle of Chablis will cost you AED 300 but you can pick up grapes here for AED 180 which is fabulous value for money. Starters range from AED 38 to 75 and the portions are extremely generous. Maki rolls hover at around the AED 68 range and their 'set menus' are great value at AED 263 - 370. 

2. The most incredible avocado and crab salad ever

This salad and the price of a bottle of Chablis would be two reasons why I would go back to Sakura. It is delightful....not shy with the caviar this salad of crab and avocado packs a powerful punch with a spicy and slightly addictive sauce. 

3. Dining with the family can be an experience

Offering authentic Japanese cuisine, with a sushi bar, teppanyaki tables, tatami private rooms you can show your family how the food is actually prepared and delivered. Sakura only uses the finest ingredients wherever possible from Japan directly so the quality of the food is maintained. The teppanyaki stations are so much fun and should definitely be a fabulous experience for many a family as they see their orders being cooked in front of them by expert, knife wielding chefs. 

4. Tatami tea room

Not only is Sakura a wonderful place to introduce your children to Japanese cuisine but it is a really fun night out. You can explore Japanese culture all in one place. There are two tea rooms - you can explore the art of tea in these rooms and it really is an authentic experience. 

5. The crème brûlée trio of desserts really is the cherry on the cake!

Chocolate, vanilla and raspberry crème brûlée all on one plate.

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It's located...

...on the fourth floor, Crowne Plaza Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Sakura is housed in one of the oldest hotel properties in Dubai. 

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