This Swanky Restaurant Now Has A Ladies Night Menu And It's A Lot Cheaper Than You Think

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Fine-dining and ladies night are not terms we typically associate together, (because we've lived in Dubai for too long and now associate ladies night with free drinks, right?) but Social by Heinz Beck have developed a winning, elegant ladies night formula.

Social, the first Dubai based offering by three-star Michelin Chef Heinz Beck, is located in the Waldorf Astoria on the Palm, one of the cities most impressive hotels. A beautiful grand lobby greets you (and grand is truly the only fitting word to describe it) with high ceilings, gold fittings and white marble as far as the eye can see. 

Following the likes of set menus at the Cavalli Club and The Ivy, ladies nights are not just about drinks anymore, and these particular ladies nights are proof that some of us are looking for something a little more refined. Here's what you can expect if you visit Social...

What's the restaurant like?

The seats are THE MOST COMFORTABLE SEATS EVER - seriously, they were great, especially considering the stiff hard-back pathetic excuse for chairs you get stuck on in most posh restaurants. Large floor-to-ceiling windows display a panoramic view of Dubai's skyline, while to your right, more huge glass windows display an extremely open-plan kitchen. Temper-prone Gordon Ramsay-esque chefs would not be welcome here, as guests can see everything going on in the (immaculate) kitchen. 

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There are three courses (but you actually get served about seven in all)

The ladies night menu is three set courses. But before the starters were served, four tasters (including a seriously tasty beetroot and wasabi bite) were served on a large wooden block, then a light amuse-bouche of melon soup with tuna and also some warm onion bread. Only after this did the starter arrive: a flavousome linguine with pesto, dry tomatoes and burrata. 

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High quality ingredients and cooking made for a memorable main

The main is a carnivore's dream; a well portioned duck breast served with sweet and sour vegetables. Not your average meal, this is not something you could/would prepare at home, so it was a real treat dish. The meat was the focus - our waiter recommended that we have it cooked medium and it was cooked to perfection. 

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The simple dessert was a chocoholic's dream

Chocolate sable with strawberry sorbet. It sounds so simple but it tasted divine. There were a couple of chocolate and coffee flavours within the small dish which we loved. Always a sucker for truffles, the rich dark chocolate truffle on top was our super-chocolatey cherry on top. 

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And Everything Else You Need To Know...

Ladies night every Tuesday in Social by Heinz Beck. Seating starts at 7pm.

AED 195 including two glasses of white grape or bubble

Call 04 818 2222 for more info

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