This Taste Of Vietnam On The Palm Is The Ideal Way To Finish Off A Long Week

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You know when you've had a long hard week and would like to do something on a Thursday evening, but can't quite manage the after work crowds in the usual Media City or Downtown hangouts. You also can't really face SZR traffic but don't want to go home right away and aren't in the mood for cooking. I've come to the conclusion that a hotel on the Palm is the best escape, while also (if you pick a nice restaurant), is a fancy night out. That's exactly what I did last week, opting for Lao, a Vietnamese restaurant in The Waldorf Astoria on the palm. Here are 5 reasons why Lao is well worth a visit.

1. High quality Vietnamese food

Lao opened in early 2014, so it's been around a while. However, it's not known as the go-to Vietnamese in town. That would usually be Hoi-An. Where Hoi-An may slightly win our Lao in terms of authenticity, Lao equals it for quality of cuisine. You won't find an average dish on the menu (well, in the eight or so that we tried is anything to go by). 

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2. The surroundings at the Waldorf are exceptional

The is one of the hotels that you pause at the entrance, take an extra minute to consume the surroundings. It has one of those movie like hotel entrances, with a large winding staircase down to Lao. 

3. Pho, Vietnamese speciality

A broth base filled to the rim of a large bowl, full of thick rice noodles and succulent meat (typically either beef or chicken), accompanied by vegetables and spices. This is a signature dish the world over, there are hole in the wall cafe's across the United States dedicated to Pho alone, each dish having a different number. It's quite a filling dish, so make sure you have space for the main course!

4. The Prawns stand out although all dishes were exquisite

We had Prawns as one of our starters, and there was so much flavour from them, they left a lasting impression on our taste buds. 

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5. The cocktails stand out here, the margaritas exceptional

You might not usually order a cocktail with Vietnamese food, but it was the end of the week (well that's our excuse anyway), and it was worth it. As good as any of the cocktail bars in town. 

The verdict

Some restaurants will get more attention, such as Social by Heinz in the same hotel, and while this restaurant won't win prizes for being the best restaurant on the Palm, it's food really is exceptional, the staff are really friendly and the setting will is nice and peaceful. Every Tuesday and Thursday the Chef de Cuisine Mai Nguyen takes you on a culinary journey of all the the fresh mud and Atlantic crab specials. 

It's open form 7pm to 10:30pm on Monday to Thursday. Starters average around 55 AED and mains are about 150 AED

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