Has The Arrival Of Nikki Beach Turned The Dubai Beach Club Scene On Its Head?

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International brands enter the Dubai restaurant and nightlife scene all the time. There is a new opening every week during a busy season. Some go unnoticed while others manage to generate enough hype to be a hotspot, even if it's just for a little while. The crowd shifts to the new place, the buzz dies down and normal order resumes.  

However, every now and then a concept arrives that shakes things up. Nikki Beach could be that place. There are plenty of options for beach clubs in Dubai, but this has a fresh appeal, here are six reasons why Nikki Beach Dubai could be the real deal...

1. Atmosphere

Nikki Beach first launched in 1998 as a luxury beach club bringing music, entertainment and food together. On the last count, there are 12 Nikki Beaches around the world, in places like Miami, Marbella, Koh Samui, Ibiza, and Bali.

Having only just opened here in March, Nikki Beach has brought in staff from it's clubs in Spain to ensure the Nikki Beach vibe is there from the start. They will return now once the Spanish season resumes. People have since asked, 'how was the crowd?' The simple answer here is that everyone was relaxed and having a good time. 

2. The Setting

What sets beach clubs around the world apart is their location. Obviously beach side and usually with beautiful back drops.

Nikki Beach is located near Pearl Dubai - the UAE flag pole is a good landmark. It feels like a long way to get there, but that just adds to the exclusivity. It's still very close to Downtown Dubai.

It’s a large open-plan space, the beach is stunning with a small rock outlay which gives some protection.

3. The Design

Where to start. A stunning low-rise building. White beds. Flat umbrellas. Huts or villas. A stunning lagoon-style pool. A wicked red rose guitar sitting on the pool's bridge. The interior textiles are by Perennials in collaboration with Lelievre, who are known to kit out the most luxurious places in Dubai.

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4. The Food

Nikki Beach boasts a Mediterranean/Asian menu. There is also Satine, a stylish restaurant which just opened upstairs. The Nikki Beach restaurant is predominantly seafood, with nice salad and pasta options. Their sushi boat is amazing to look at and an absolute pleasure to demolish.

5. The Service

A luxury venue makes its guests feel extra special, and Nikki beach manages to do just that. The service is flawless throughout, the staff are attentive and there is always someone on hand to bring you everything you need to your poolside bed...If you're going to be lazy for a day, this is the spot to do it. 

6. The Music

From special DJ sets to ad hoc live performances by the red-rose guitar, to the resident saxophone player, there is PLENTY of entertainment. The tempo increases throughout the day which adds to the atmosphere.

To conclude

It's best to reserve a bed for the day. The don't do a brunch, (we would definitely welcome one!) but mains are around AED 100. If you would just like beach access for the day it's AED 300 including one soft drink and a towel for a single sunbed on weekends. Fridays are busier than Saturdays. 

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