This Saturday Brunch Is Worth Going To Just For The Bloody Mary Table

Before The Hide opened in Al Qasr hotel last year, the previous restaurant was part of the acclaimed Al Qasr Friday Brunch, so this territory is no stranger to a good shindig. However, now that the restaurant is separate to the brunch, The Hide have introduced their own American style Saturday brunch, which includes a memorable Bloody Mary table and a very impressive menu. We like The Hide; the menu is innovative and their meats and sweets are some of the best around, so when this new brunch concept was introduced, we were very excited to go and try it out. 

All-American food

The best thing on the menu at The Hide is the meat. (See full dinner review here.) For brunch, there are a few extra bits like ‘Hot Artichoke Dip’ (basically a bowl of cheesey-deliciousness with fresh veg for dipping) and some classic breakfast dishes. Our top picks were the ‘Deli Counter Pate with Duck Pastrami,’ the ‘Slow Roasted Beef Cheek’ and for dessert, it was a toss-up between the ‘Baked Blueberry & Chambered Cheesecake,’ and the ‘Choco & Ancho Chili Souffle,’ both of which were delicious. 

The Eggs Royale was only alright, not worth the visit alone. In hindsight, being at an All-American Brunch we should have selected one of the classics; the 'Waffles' or 'Buttermilk Pancakes' would have been the smarter choice.

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Who is it for?

Anyone who has had a particularly late Friday night, or those who want a good quality food and beverage deal on a Saturday. It's a 'late lunch' format, running from 15.00 to 19.00 every Saturday. Also, for those who want a bit of American old school rock and roll atmosphere in a classic American hideout...this is the spot for you. 

And the cost?

The beverage package is all-you-can-drink on the listed items for three hours at 195 AED, with food items prices individually as per menu below. Mains range between 115 and 175 AED, small bites, eggs and classics are 70 AED on average, sides are about 30 AED  and sweets are around 45 AED. 


What about that Bloody Mary table? 

This is the best thing about the All American Saturday Brunch and worth the visit alone. The above video doesn't actually do justice to the sheer variety of options and ingredients that you can have in your Bloody Mary, which is tailored to suit your particular taste.

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