The only Bentley Cafe in the world is in Dubai.. and it's ACTUALLY amazing

Food, shopping and cars...perfect way to spend a few hours

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Bentley is that type of luxury automotive brand that operates in a different league to most others. Petrol heads and Top Gear fans will be able to explain why by outlining specification and performance standards, but for the rest of us, we only have to look at the price points. 

Take the new crazy of luxury cars, the SUV market, a Maserati SUV will set you back circa AED 300,000 while the Bentley equivalent is approximately AED 1,200,000. For that price, you are surely buying into an experience and a lifestyle. 

Part of the added touch, in Dubai at least, is fully branded Bentley Cafe and boutique in Dubai Marina. I was given the full treatment like a prospective customer, welcomed and shown to my table (where even the leather seats are the same style as the interior of the Bentley fleet), a look at the brand spanking new Bentley Bentayga SUV and shown around the branded Bentley clothing range, luggage and accessories. 

I went for the King Bentley salad, fresh crab & shrimps cake, on crispy greens with honey mustard vinaigrette. My colleague had the Detox salad, with white cabbage, carrots, lots of mango and orange segments with fresh spinach, rocket leafs and extra virgin olive oil with old balsamic. 

Bentley Food!

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Bentley Boutique!

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Passers by use the cafe like any other, pretty much everything on the menu is AED 60, including salads, crepes, quiches and sandwiches. It's open from 8am to 10pm.

Finally, what about that Bentayga? The fastest SUV in the world!

#Bentayga has arrived at #PowerOnIce.

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