This Restaurant Has Got The Perfect Balance Of Honest Food, Good Music And A Great Location

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Do you ever want to go out for dinner, some drinks, and listen to some music on a Friday night?...Chances are you do...we all do. And there are PLENTY of options for this in Dubai.

But let's narrow it down a bit. You might be in a casual mood so you probably don't want an overpriced menu (there goes a good chunk of Dubai restaurants), you don't want to spend part of your night stuck in traffic (so long Marina choices) and you want a good atmosphere - yet a place where the music stays at a reasonable tempo (so you don't spend you night smiling and nodding, pretending you can hear what everyone is saying). 

What you want is a casual spot with a good atmosphere and the answer is Senara. It's a new (ish) unpretentious casual dining spot located on Palm. Here are 5 things we liked about it:

1. The Palm Jumeirah location is ideal for so many reasons

Little traffic, away from the city tucked in to Palm Views West, stunning views day and night and it's not part of a big hotel. Ample parking right outside the door, there is no fuss when visiting this spot.

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2. You can expect a good hearty meal 

It's a simple menu with some classic Brit dishes, options include a pie of the day, Black Angus beef sirloin and a few seafood options including a lobster and squid tagliatelle. For mains I had the herb crusted cod, baked to perfection, with simple green asparagus, roasted vine tomatoes and a great lemon butter sauce. My guest went for the pie - being a Northerner ordering a pie seemed to be the only option, however it didn't quite match up to his exacting expectations. It looked perfection with a beautiful golden crust, however a bit more filling on the inside would have been ideal. 

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3. Despite a small problem in the kitchen, we were served up some pretty amazing desserts

I love nothing more than a dessert menu where EVERYTHING looks good, and they have that here. Think cheesecake creme brulee (who even knew that was a thing?!) Senara sticky toffee pudding, freshly made chocolate fondant with peanut butter ice cream, or a banoffee Eton Mess. We were waiting a little longer than usual because my first fondant 'had exploded in the oven' but IT WAS SO WORTH IT. Smooth, runny hot chocolate poured out after the slightest fork tap. I'd return for this dessert alone.

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4. There's a DJ, but it's a good tempo and you can actually hear each other talk

Too often these days you go for food at a casual enough venue, but as the evening wears on,  the place becomes overcrowded. The music tempo rises and normal conversation becomes impossible. That's not the case here, the DJ strikes a good balance and the atmosphere is great.

5. It's pooch friendly

There are surprisingly few dining options that welcome dogs in Dubai but Senara is one. Enjoy the Palm view for lunch or dinner and dine on the terrace with your four-legged friend. 

Whats the damage?

Starters start at AED 35

Mains start at AED 90

Desserts start at AED 35

Try the British roast on a Saturday for AED 130. Or visit for a pie and drink on a Monday for AED 110. Happy hour is 6.30pm - 8 pm on Fridays and there's a 2 for 1 on the Senara cocktail “Soul Juice”.

DJ Deeves plays Soulful Fridays on... you guessed it... Friday!

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Casey Fitzgerald

Outside of writing for Lovin Dubai, you'll find Casey inhaling hummus, making a constant stream of terrible puns and running around in circles.