Tapas And Beautiful Millennials In The Heart Of Dubai Marina

Check out YNOT at The Intercontinental Dubai Marina

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I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with tapas. At best it's probably the best way to eat, with constant small morsels of food being brought to the table. Rather than filling up on one large plate, you get to have a little bit of everything.

However, at its worst, it drives me mad. This is often when eating in a large group, where you don't get any of the good stuff and invariably end up with a dry breadstick and a mouldy end of cheese, then leaving the restaurant starving and having to head for the nearest burger joint to get a proper meal. 

So as I entered YNOT in the basement of the Intercontinental Hotel, I had mixed emotions. The hotel seemed super-quiet, but as we funnelled down the thin corridor into the room, the place started erupting with the noise that can only be generated by young, excited people who have just finished work and who are onto their second glass of red.

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Ordering food was a bit of a messy affair. Between the 10 or so specials on the board and a whole host of cured meats, cheeses and regular tapas, there was just too much choice. We all scanned the menu talking but making absolutely no decisions for a long long time. So we, decided to do drinks first. I wasn't drinking but my two dining companions were, I was impressed by the knowledgeable staff, who could list all the grapes by heart and make suggestions on the cuff based on preferences. Unlike a lot of waiters they weren't just bluffing either.

Our food came in fits and spurts and for the most part it was excellent. The little Wagu beef sliders (small burgers) were the highlight. I could have eaten about 14 of them they were that good.
A cheese board came with a gorgeous chutney and super bread and I cursed myself for not having a glass of red to wash it all down with. Cheese without grape is like Dubai without sun. It just doesn't work.

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What I loved most about the place was the buzz. It was a Tuesday night in December, but with the doors half-open onto the Marina, the place was hopping. The waiters couldn't carry the drinks to the tables quick enough and you could see people making exciting plans and enjoying each other's company. I had to go and do a conference call but YNOT is the sort of place I could have sat and relaxed for another hour easily.

Well worth checking out and I'm happy to report that this is another mark for a good tapas experience rather than a bad on.

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