There's No Better Place To Eat Greek Than Eat Greek

We just wish there was more plate smashing.


Several things come to mind when I think of Greece: Zorba dancing, ancient Greek ruins, island parties, and glorious, glorious food comas. Eat Greek arrived on Dubai’s foodie scene surrounded by a lot of fanfare when it opened in early 2014. It’s the only traditional Greek offering on the ‘new’ side of Dubai, located in the funky fresh lifestyle district of The Beach.

The restaurant itself is funky fresh, too. The interiors look as though some hipsters got hold of an old tavern, leaving behind wooden furniture and window shutters, and adding industrial-chic lighting and birdcages. Admittedly, the food part of my brain worries that the menu of Greek favourites has had a hipster makeover of its own (read: small portions, fancy garnishes, tzaziki that tastes nothing like tzaziki - the list goes on).

eatgreek main

Dining with friends is always a good idea, for the obvious reason that you can order and taste more dishes without looking too greedy. So, with four of us dining, we opted for the tzaziki, fried calamari, baked feta cheese and a roasted beetroot salad. My oh my, the Greeks sure know that simple is best: the baked feta arrives sizzling in its baking dish, ready to be stabbed with forks and prodded with complimentary crusty bread. Mmmm.

With the first round declared a success by all, we move on to mains, deciding to share the moussaka and a mixed grill. I'm sure the moussaka tasted nice, had I not been completely distracted by the hanging skewers of meat that arrived with it. Honestly, the presentation of the mixed grill is genius – it looks good, and also forces you to take some time to breathe, as you have to go to some small effort to cut juicy chunks of meat off the skewers.

Mains over, we are all so far into a food coma that any rational thought left our heads a while ago, which is why we all eagerly said "Yes" when our waitress asked if we’ve got room for ‘A Sweet Taste of Greece’. Indeed, 15 minutes later a giant platter - roughly the same size as Mainland Greece - arrives on our table, laden with samples of four main desserts: Greek Orange Pie, classic Baklava, a Greek-style Baked Cheesecake, and Mosiako (a type of chocolate cake/biscuit dessert). Asking to single out a favourite at this point is like asking a mother to pick her favourite child - you’ll have to go and check them out yourself.



Good food, decent servings and a casual-chic atmosphere make this place a winner, and I'm sure it will continue to be a popular lunch time haunt during the cooler months. Demand must be high, because I’ve just heard that they’re about to open a second restaurant in MoE – opa!


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