Without A Doubt This Is The Most Fun Event You Can Attend On A Thursday Night In Dubai

And now it's on Fridays too

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Thursday Nights

On a Thursday night out in Dubai, everyone pretty much wants the same thing: good music, fun atmosphere, some food to line your stomach, a little bit of booze to loosen you up and an absolutely great time to kick your weekend off to the right start and forget about the stress of the week (that's what we want anyway!).

Well, the House Party Brunch in Zero Gravity ticks all those boxes and honestly, I can't remember the last time I had so much fun on a night out. What started out as a perfectly civilised team bonding session turned into a night reminiscent of my college days and the summers spent on the West Coast of America.

What's even better is that this brunch is now available on Friday nights too and it's running throughout the whole summer, including Ramadan.

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The Bacardi Beach House

The House Party Brunch is located in the Bacardi Beach House. The house itself is like one of those beach houses you'd see in California (think Huntington Beach, Malibu and Santa Barbara). It's set right out on the beach in front of the new swimming pool with the cities incredible skyline as it's backdrop.

In the front of the house, surrounded by a white picket fence, is the garden, a seating area with bean bags, a Bacardi bar and some food stands. Like any real house party, all the drinks are served in red plastic cups.

Weather-wise it was perfect, warm with a bit of a beach breeze. We thought we'd be a bit too hot but it was actually ideal house-party weather!

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Inside The House

The inside of the house is another story altogether, and it's really what makes this brunch so much fun. Like the name suggests, the brunch is based on your typical American-style house party which includes a darts board, connect 4, air hockey,  a tyre swing, a bath and a beer pong table (with a Bacardi beer pong ref to ensure everyone sticks to the rules and doesn't skip out on their shots).

Although the house was packed, we didn't need to wait too long to have our game of beer pong (everyone had to wait their turn) and we didn't have to cut our game short either. The icing on the cake is that the house if fully air conditioned!

Photo Ops 

Apart from the awesome Insta pictures you can take with the tyre (just don't stand up on it) and darts board (be careful not to walk un-knowingly in front of it), there is also a random bath/shower in the house as well as an upright bed to take your pics in, which add even more to the fun atmosphere in the house.

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The Food

Just like any real house party, you can expect some yum burgers (both beef and chicken), sausages (the chilly cheese sausages were out of this world), grilled salmon, potato wedges and steak, which you'll find at the outdoor stations.  

Indoors; there was a sushi tray, salad assortments, plenty of cheese and finally all the desserts: assorted candy, mango cheese cake, balsamic and strawberry cheese cake (amazing), jelly beans and even Lindt chocolates. Everything you want at a house party basically!

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The Drinks

There are 3 bars in the house, one outside and two inside. You could choose any soft drink with Bacardi and they also had a selection of tasty cocktails. The Mojito was spot on, so I'd definitely recommend it; and I'm not usually one to drink a cocktail!

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The Details

The House Party Brunch costs AED 295 per head and is well worth every penny. It runs from 8pm to 11pm but you can hang out there for a good while after before moving into Zero Gravity itself (price includes free Zero Gravity entry).

It used to only be available on Thursday nights but they've now extended it to Friday nights too and it will run all through the summer, including Ramadan. It will just have slightly muted music.

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