If Carlsberg Did Football Lounges In Dubai...

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International tournaments have a unifying quality on many levels. We see pictures from Euro 2016 in France of fans getting behind their country (unfortunately there are some bad pictures too but they are in the minority). As people flock to various venues showing the matches, you can tell football fever has gripped Dubai.

The Carlsberg Effect

Carlsberg have always played on that 'mates' mentality and cheering your team. They have also maintained ownership of the ‘probably the best in the world’ tagline. So much so that at this European championship, they don’t even use the Carlsberg name on the sponsorship boats for the TV interviews, preferring to use ‘Probably’ written as the Carlsberg logo.


If Carlsberg did dream apartments

Where to watch the match with your mates

When deciding where to go, you can get a great theatre-like atmosphere in the purpose-built tents (Barasti, Fan Fest in Sports City or Football Central in Emirates Golf Club); you can enjoy an amazing ambience in the bars (McGettigans, Dhow & Anchor or Lock Stock & Barrel); or you can opt for somewhere quieter. This is either at home in front of the TV or at a lounge bar (apt for those who want to pay close attention to the match and want the extra comfort in the process). Should you choose the latter, Velocity at JW Marriott Marquis is ideal. 

They even have table football

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Chilling and making themselves feel at home!

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The lounge bar

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Food perfect for football...

There's a special menu for the football season which includes nachos, onion rings, chicken wings, fish and chips and a choice of burgers - all work well with hops. There's attention to detail as well. Should you excuse yourself for the bathroom, the match commentary is audible on speakers in there. They’ve ticked all the right boxes. 

Fish and chips

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Nachos and cheese

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Onion rings

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Chicken wings

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Oreo cheesecake

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... and the details

The venue is open for every match, with a lounge on the ground floor and the fan fest upstairs. Entrance is charged at AED 50 (redeemable at the bar).

Where: Ground floor, Entertainment Wing of the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai
What: ULTIMATE FANZONE AT VELOCITY, European Football 2016 Matches
Venue opening hours: 4pm – 2am / Ramadan timings: only open during football games screenings
Entrance fee during Ramadan:
 AED 50, redeemable on one beverage

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