Why THIS Marina Hotspot Is Your Ultimate Weekend Choice

Hate planning a night out? Well worry not, this spot has you sorted

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Picture this: it’s Thursday night, you’ve had the craziest week at work and the last thing you need to be worried about is “where can I go out tonight?”… We feel you!

The task of picking a venue that ticks all the three golden boxes “decent meal, refreshing weirdly named cocktails and great music” can be daunting, especially in a city full of endless choices like Dubai. But I’ve got one word for you (actually a word and a number)… Pier 7!

This Marina hotspot is in my opinion one of the most successful “experiments” in the Dubai culinary/entertainment scene. And here is why:

Seven different options at one go

Whether you are looking for a bustling venue for a weekend dinner with friends, a romantic fine dining experience, or a lazy Friday brunch, Pier 7 is a perfect choice. The seven storey building offers seven different options on each floor: Fumé (fusion), Asia Asia (Pan Asian), Abd El Wahab (Middle Eastern), The Scene (British and European), Cargo (Asian), O Cacti (Mexican), and Atelier M (French with a twist). So take your pick!

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The food… oh the food!

At Pier 7 you will taste some of the finest dishes in Dubai… I promise you! The truffle pizza at Atelier M has a tantalizing taste while the lightly seared tuna steak at Cargo is a delight for the stomach. I also tried the mixed Middle Eastern mezzeh at Abd El Wahab and enjoyed every single morsel of it (diet? What’s that?). Also on the “must have” menu; the perfectly seasoned Maki rolls at Asia Asia. If I had to pick a least favorite diner at Pier 7 it would have to be the Mexican O Cacti… I’ve been there twice and sadly I wasn’t impressed on either occasion.

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Hassle free night

If you’ve had enough of chatting to your friends over “Desert Monkey” cocktails at Fumé (which are awesome by the way) and want to shake your booty to some 90’s hip hop tunes at Atelier M club or just chill out with a shisha in hand, then you can easily do that with a click of a button… literally! Just take the lift to your next destination and enjoy the rest of your night without the hassle of driving to a different location, wasting time in traffic or worrying about a parking spot… which brings us to…

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What we all want to hear: free parking!

Free. Valet. Parking… the three words we want to hear on a weekend night out! But be careful, Fumé is the only venue at Pier 7 that doesn’t stamp your valet card and you’ll be charged AED 50. Alternatively, you can park in the free Marina Mall parking and walk a few steps to Pier 7.

Indoors/ Outdoors with AMAZING view

One of my favorite things about Pier 7 is having the choice between sitting indoors or outdoors. Almost all of the venues (except Fumé) have an outdoors area with a stunning view overlooking the Marina. Now if that doesn’t seal the deal I’m not sure what else will!

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A post shared by Pier 7 Dubai (@pier7dubai) on

What we don’t really like:

With the venue gaining momentum and popularity in recent months, it has started to get really busy on weekends. So be prepared to wait for the lift for quite a long time, or you can take the stairs (so ladies, if you want the shortcut be ready to take off those high heels).

The verdict:

Pier 7 is your one stop shop for an awesome weekend in Dubai. Go there, you won’t regret it!


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