Zero Gravity Dubai's state-of-the-art pool area brings a new meaning to the term slick

Chill, swim, eat..repeat

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You've probably heard that Zero Gravity Dubai launched it's brand spanking new swimming pool last month and that everybody (including us) has been raving about it. Well, although we had already seen the pool in all it's majestic glory at a recent event, we still hadn't had a chance to dip our toes in (excuse the pun) so when we were invited to spend the day lounging pool-side and have a spot of lunch, we dived right in at the chance. ..

Here's the low down on how we got on...

The Pool

So, what does the Zero Gravity pool have that other pools don't? Well, chic white leather round beds (complete with complementary magazines in case you forgot a book) and cosy towels aside, this pool has really upped the Dubai-standard, when talking all things leisure. Big enough to do a few lengths in and slick enough for one-of-a-kind pics and selfies, this is the sort of pool you bring your guests to when you need to impress. With chilled beats and live music playing in the background, the vibe here is ultra-chill and you have to be careful not to forget yourself completely. 

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The Food

From healthy salads to sliders ideal for sharing, the menu has something for everyone. After a tough morning swimming and tanning, we found ourselves pretty ravenous and opted for the nachos and the lamb burger. Both portions were huge and tasted bang-on. The nachos came with fresh salsa, guac, sour cream and a generous portion of melted cheese on the side (I'm drooling all over again just writing about it). The lamb burger, was monstrous size-wise, cooked perfectly and was ideal for a hearty bit of mid-day soakage (we'll talk about the cocktails next...). It also came in a handy moustache-decorated burger holder to minimise the mess. Although there are tables over by the bar, we ate our lunch on our loungers...when in Rome!

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The drinks...

If, like me, you love nothing more than sipping on a tasty cocktail whilst basking in the Dubai sun, then the bar here is your heaven. Skyy vodka, Moet, pick your poison - they have everything. After a warm-up raspberry mojito we moved on to the Pimm's Cucumber Cooler which, like the name suggests, was incredibly refreshing and delicious. You have the choice between ordering a glass or going all out and getting a litre. Obviously we went for the litre option...

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The little things that sets it apart

From the staff that couldn't be nicer or more helpful and the bubble machine blowing bubbles in the sun (yes there's a bubble machine) to getting to watch those brave enough to skydive drift to solid ground – we could go on and on about the small little treasures that sets the new pool at Zero Gravity apart.

The real cherry on the ice cream though are the changing facilities. Definitely not the standard pool-side shower. These changing rooms come complete with hair dryers, straighteners, fluffy towels, shower gel, shampoo AND conditioner (all from The White Company) and they're kept as clean as a whistle, despite the steady stream of wet and sandy feet. These changing rooms are more suited to a 5-star spa than a pool. Either way though, I'm not complaining.

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For two people on a weekend: Admission entrance is AED 450 and you get AED 150 redeemable on food. 

The cocktails range from AED 48 per glass to up to AED 120 per litre, depending on what you choose. 

For the poolside mains you can expect to pay between AED 50 and AED 80.

All in all, the prices are pretty reasonable. Maybe a little too much to warrant spending every Friday and Saturday there, but ideal if you're looking for a weekend treat!

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