Rihanna Was Spotted Enjoying A Date Night With Saudi Bae In London But That's Not What Twitter Is Talking About

What's 'Hayawan', bruh?


A couple of months back when photos of Rihanna kissing her #SaudiBae, billionaire Hassan Jameel, came out, Internet was thrown into a tizzy.

Four months now and the duo has been papped many a time, painting the town red proving that this is no hot fling but something more serious.

The 29-year-old singer was spotted yet again in London exiting a Chinese restaurant at 2.am

Observant as they are, Twitterati noticed something odd about the cap that Jameel wore. It was a black cap with the word 'Hayawan' printed on it, which basically means 'animal' in Arabic. 

Naturally, people had lot of questions. 

For starters, people wanted to know WHY?

Followed by amusement as 'Hayawan' translates to animal in English

Some people had their own interpretations

And others wanted to ask some pressing questions

But the most important question being, how can WE get our hands on that cool cap?

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