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Rihanna’s New Man Is A Billionaire From Saudi And The Internet Is Going Into Meltdown

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When you see ‘Saudi’ trending on Twitter in Dubai you would be forgiven for assuming it’s politically related in this day and age. 

But this evening you would be wrong. Photos of Rihanna kissing a man in a pool came out and the internet went into a frenzy. 

Turns out the man is Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel, who’s family has a net worth of US$1.5 billion. And the internet exploded.

Recently they were spotted hanging out in public…

Here are some of the best memes so far

You gotta love the internet when it’s on this sort of form

It could be catching

Some think she’s gone too far..

Summer anxiety much…

Then there is a thought provoking tweet that reverses the situation

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