These Photos Of Game Of Thrones' Star Jason Momoa Feasting In Saudi Arabia Is Making Us Hungry

Look at all that food!

Jason Momoa Mi

Actor Jason Momoa who played fan favourite Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and Egyptian pro-wrestler Mada Abdelhamid was recently in Saudi Arabia as a part of Comic Con Arabia, hanging out together, hopping restaurants and feasting like a king.  

Soaking in the true Saudi culture, the two were spotted devouring a massive tray of the traditional Saudi delicacy 'kabsa'. 

Abdelhamid posted this photo of both of them together in Riyadh on his Insta page

"The before and after. Now this is what I call a FEAST!!!!! Eating like kings over here in Saudi Arabia. We literally couldn't move afterwards.... but we couldn't stop eating either. Very fitting that we were over here during thanksgiving, our stomachs felt right at home.👌🏽 #FeastForABeast", said his caption. 

People obviously had a lot to say about the photo

Screenshot 2

The feasting continued well enough for the next day as well

And all that food certainly looked amazing

Screenshot 3

Their bromance and all that delish food is making us feel things...BRB gotta eat some kanafah and kabsa!

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