10 BEST Ways To Keep Your Skin Clear All Summer Long

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I think we can all agree that Dubai's summer heat can be excruciating.

Yes, we can all sit in the sun for hours and tan our hearts out, but on a normal day- making your way to work can be quite daunting.

What's worse is that the change of weather will suddenly mean your skin's condition will be a little different. Sunnier days mean drier skin (for the most part), but hopefully this list will help alleviate all the drama that come with dehydrated skin, so that we all maintain beautiful, glowing, and transparent skin.

Here are the 10 top ways you can keep your skin clear this summer

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1. The most crucial part: you need to stick to a consistent skincare routine

Not a lot of people prioritise the necessity of a face routine, and it's high time we do. If you're someone who wears makeup on an almost daily basis, this is especially vital for you. Having a mapped out face routine means knowing how you wash, exfoliate, tone and moisturise your skin to precision. This doesn't just mean you go about a particular group of tasks but that YOU have to be using the right tools and products.

For example, users of the famous facial cleansing device LUNA2 from the Swedish brand FOREO have sworn by the immaculate results they get out of being consistent with taking off their makeup, using a gentle face wash and having a timed-out device pulsate to exfoliate the skin properly but not harshly. As you know, facial massages help bring oxygen to the skin's vessels- so adding this simple step to your face washing routine means you not only clean it thoroughly, get rid of dead skin cells, but also plump up your skin so that it is brought back to life.

Many YouTuber reviews swear by the FOREO LUNA 2.

2. Stay mindful, relax and try to de-stress every now and then

Stress plays a HUGE role in your skin's condition, so before all else- make sure your mind, body and soul are happy.

Apps like Headspace, Asana Rebel help with meditation and getting in a few quick yoga poses that can calm a stressed mind down in a span of a few minutes.

It's like magic!

Otherwise, do whatever else reduces your stress- may it be drawing, writing, singing, playing sports. Prioritise yourself, and the results will be impeccable.

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3. Rest up

Don't underestimate the power of sleep.

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4. Get some workouts in (at least 30 mins a day)

Although this doesn't have to be as consistent, working out and sweating releases toxins from your system by increasing blood flow.

Even yoga will make the slightest of difference.

Keep note of this.

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5. Try to go for regular facials

Salon facials are AMAZING for your skin, and sometimes the pros are the only ones who can get to the root of the issue.

Some of the Lovin ladies swear by getting a facial at least twice a month to rid of whiteheads, blackheads and anything else that could have gotten stuck under your pores or a while now.

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6. Aloe vera plant (in any form)

Try to find the most natural, OG form of the all-mighty aloe vera plant and apply it to your face for a cooling effect for 20 minutes straight (with one application).

Using it more means it could last longer.

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7. Wear less makeup, or switch the type of foundation you use

Summertime means there's no need for long-lasting, thick foundations because that along with being out in the sun could clog your pores bad.

Instead, opt for a BB cream or a lighter type of foundation.

Or why not just stick to concealer whenever possible?

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8. Change your products: face wash, toner, moisturiser

Summertime usually means all the products that might have been working for you during winter might not do the same now.

For example, thicker moisturisers or night creams might not be able to let your skin breathe as much as a light antioxidising serum would in the summer. Do your research on what you'll need to change, as per your skin type, to ensure that your face is breathing all summer-long.

Face wash, toners, moisturiser- have a look at what you've got now and see what can be changed.

9. Sunscreen is your best friend (no really!)

It doesn't matter whether you like to get a tan or not; summer means the sun is ALL skin's worst enemy. Its UV rays are so harmful to the skin that you probs won't even realise most of the cracks and wrinkles were caused.

So our honest advice is to apply sunscreen to your face (at the very least) 20-30 minutes before you head out. If you decide to go swimming during the summer, make sure you keep re-applying (since it'll get washed off.)

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10. Avoid food that will clog up your pores

Often, greasy/oily food tends to clog up our pores- so avoid anything fried and instead opt to have more greens and fruits in your system.

And lots of water, it's no joke why everyone will advise you this. Especially during summer, when the heat is more likely to leave not just you feeling thirsty but your skin too.

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