The 14 Only In Dubai Moments That Will Have You Craving An Iced Drink Pronto

Dubai summer is here

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The soaring mercury levels have us thinking we’re half way through July (it’s only May, in case you’re thinking the same). While we still can’t come to terms with sweat patches, frizzy hair and burnt skin, the one thing that we absolutely love about the start of this season is Caffè Nero’s iced coffee range.

Haven’t heard about this yet? *shocked*

OK so our fave meeting spot have introduced the iced collection – which includes three NEW beverages such as the Tiramisu Frappé Crème, the lemon booster and the raspberry with blackcurrant booster - to glide us through this summer. Picture yourself with a glass of this indulgent Espresso topped with Tiramisu ingredients, whipped cream, cinnamon powder and blended with ice OR with either of the refreshing fruity boosters, which have no added sugar, and tell us do you see anything bad about this summer? *wink*

And just in case you’re curious about how this iced coffee, be it the Classic or Mocha Frappé Latte, Frappé Crème, Iced Latte or Americano, tastes so good…let’s let you in on a little secret. Caffè Nero’s star ingredient is its espresso, which serves as a foundation for all the coffee they make. To ensure it’s made in the class Italian way (think full-bodied, aromatic, rich and strong), they select only ripe red cherries when the coffee beans are handpicked. After they’re, a pro roaster (by which we mean THE guy / girl who understands and evaluates different species of beans) comes in the picture to orchestrate a blend. This one consists of several different coffee beans from Latin and Central America and is predominantly of the Arabica variety, with a dash of Robusta to give an extra 'kick'. Enough said.

So here are the 10 only in Dubai moments to which we’ve all become accustomed recently…eek! (Now do you get why it’s so important to have that beverage in hand to cool you down?)

1. When the “short” walk to work isn’t quite as short as you anticipated!


2. The dreaded afternoon drive to meetings where having the a/c at 18⁰C doesn’t help either. Been there.


3. When you decide to sit outdoors so that you can snap your latest Insta pic!

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4. Try stepping out of your office before sunset


5. When you roll down the window for a quick ciggy 


6. Making your way from the carpark to your destination…perhaps a fire extinguisher might help


7. Waiting in line to withdraw money from the ATM…Good luck!


8. Decided to avoid the covered carpark traffic and park on the streets instead? Not a very wise move, is it?


9. Family time sounds great, but not too sure if it works on the streets of Dubai


10. Maybe your ‘morning coffee on the balcony’ ritual needs a little rejigging. Unless, it’s an ice coffee that is.


11. Waiting for a taxi …. At rush hour

Taxi Imgur

12. That time when you lost your car, not fun.

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13. When you're new to Dubai and think it's only a short walk from JLT to the beach 


14. That moment when you sign up for a boot camp session on the beach (didn’t anyone remind you temperatures could go up to 50 degrees Celsius) 


Take your pick from Caffè Nero’s iced beverages:

The Classic Frappé Latte (AED 22) is a creamy, low fat concoction of espresso, milk, ice and Caffè Nero’s special frappé mix. If you’d like to take the taste a notch higher, opt for the Mocha Frappé Latte (AED 22) which is pretty much the same but with a dash of chocolate powder.

The Frappé Crème comes in flavours including the BRAND NEW tiramisu (AED 25), coffee with caramel (AED 25), strawberry with vanilla (AED 24) and chocolate with coconut (AED 24).

Iced Drinks Tiramasu Rt

If you’re a fan of milk, the Frappé Milkshakes (at AED 22 each) were made for you. French syrups mixed with ice, the frappé mix and milk (you have the option of skimmed or soy milk too). There are lots of options to choose from including chocolate, strawberry, mint, vanilla and banana.

The Fruit boosters (at AED 22 each) include two new flavours: raspberry with blackcurrant and the second one is lemon, plus the usual mango with passionfruit and Sicilian lemonade. What you’re getting here is 100% natural fruit juice (you don’t have to stress about added sugars, sweeteners or artificial colour) blended with ice.

New Raspberry Blackcurrant Image Bottle

The Iced Latte (AED 21) is a simple blend of espresso, milk and ice. Ditch the regular for soy milk if you’re dairy intolerant and it tastes just as good. If you choose to totally skip the milk, the Iced Americano (AED21), espresso mixed with ice cubes and water, is your best option.

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