There's A 2-for-1 Deal On Drinks EVERY Friday At This Popular Outlet

Perfect for your post-brunch outings

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It’s almost Friday and this week has gone by so fast - said no one, ever. 

So we’re thinking you deserve to let off a little steam, without giving up too much cash. McGettigan’s DWTC is now hosting 2-for-1 Fridays, seriously. 

Gather your spare and get down there because this deal will knock your shamrocks off. We’re not taking credit or anything, but you can thank us later. 

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1. Guests get 2-for-1 on ALL house drinks

Which means you can drink twice as much! Jokes, but you'll save a fortune. 

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2. It starts SUPER early

In the true spirit of Irish culture, it starts at noon. Because hey, it’s happy hour somewhere! This means you don't even have to hit up a brunch - just go straight there for bargain drinks. 

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3. And although the deal ends at 10...

You can keep the party going until 2am!

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4. Small plates and main courses are also 2-for-1

Chow down on your favorite pub grub including fish and chips, Irish stew and bangers and mash, because you should probably line your stomach.

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5. Tuuuuuuunes

And Cumberlands aren’t the only bangers on offer, there’s live music and a DJ playing a mix of chart hits and classics

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