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5 Important Things About Love That Everyone Should Know

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It’s hard to imagine a world without love, yet some people genuinely feel that it is something that doesn’t exist- or should at least have limitations.

So, along with CloseUp and their inspiring message about #GivingLoveAChance, we’re here to tell you the five rules of love to break that cycle of ‘loving with limitations’.

1. Skin colour or race does not determine someone’s place in your life

It’s 2019, so discussions (if any) being made about what someone’s ‘type’ is, whether it’s by the colour of their skin or where they’re from, should not exist.

The beauty of coexistence, like we see in Dubai, is that it allows people to integrate the interesting parts of each culture and create oneness.

2. Someone’s bank balance does not define how worthy they are of love

Unfortunately, some people today still see that those with more money may be a more valuable person to settle with.

But remember, real love goes beyond the measures of finance.

3. Love knows no number

Tying in with the most clichéd phrase, “age is just a number,” as long as the person you love treats you with respect, care and understanding- age truly is a barrier that can be overlooked.

4. Love means hearing only what YOU think, feel and see in a person

Ignoring the naysayers and other peoples’ judgement about the person you love, shows more about YOUR capacity to love and that’s something to be proud of.

Love, in all forms, whether it be with a lover, a parent or your child should mean that you’ve formed your idea of that person- understanding that you have chosen to accept them for who they are.

5. Opposites DO attract

We see this in friendships all the time, when TWO people bring in a different perspective and share it- it only brings them closer, and that’s the same for couples.

Could you imagine being around someone who’s exactly like you, 24/7?

Break down the barriers and #GiveLoveAChance

Some of these barriers are just one of the MANY excuses and reasons we hear on a daily basis. But love is worth every broken barrier, walls coming down and hearts coming together.

Share your #giveloveachance story and support the movement by sharing the film and using the hashtag #giveloveachance.

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