6 Costume Ideas If You Are Going All Out For St.Paddy's Day

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St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, whether you're Irish or not, you can't deny the hype that this day brings about annually- and for a good reason. We mentioned that the ultimate place to be to celebrate is any one of the McGettigan's branches - there are drink and food deals ongoing, and brunch too. 

All McGettigan’s bars are open from 10am serving breakfast baps, drinks and they all have a great line up of live music throughout the day.

There are also some epic giveaways happening throughout the day - including prizes for the best dressed, so that's even more incentive to get involved!

If you've already got an outfit prepared ahead of time, ignore this. But if you're still in need of ideas to go full-on on Paddy's Day, we've got you covered with these six ideas for costumes:

1. Gangsta Paddy

Low waist jeans, oversized green shirt and the cherry on top of all that is St. Paddy's, the leprechaun hat. 

2. The 'Heidi Beer Girl' dress 

Just make sure the skirt ain't too short for Dubai. Green, the knee-high socks, ribbon around the neck, leprechaun hat and black shoes.

3. The rent-a-Leprechaun 

If you wanna keep incognito yet garner the attention of many, why not show up as the actual mascot?

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4. Onesie Irish Squad 

Because... why not?

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5. Of course, the all-green suit #dapper

The hat, green ribbon, full-on green suit, white undershirt and socks= boom!

The women can customise to a more feminine leprechaun costume too.


6. Basic but full of 'effort' look

Simple shirt and jeans? Over accessorise with anything green, clover-like, leprechaun-like and you're good to go.

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