6 Reasons Why You Need To Visit The Scene This Month

... And it's not just because of their surprising ladies night offers.


March Madness has worn plenty of people down, everyone is in a mad scramble to get organised and it's just a bit too much. 

You need a break. 

So earlier we mentioned that this spot has the best new ladies night offer all the But there's more to life than just ladies' nights...  here is a list of six reasons why everyone should visit The Scene in Dubai Marina:

1. Because you need a break...

Or a place to procrastinate. We all need a break from the stressful 9-5 jobs so grab a friend, get the whole squad or go alone.

Either way, The Scene's got you covered with their amazing weekday happy hour offer from 4-7pm

2. Take in the nighttime weather with ease

The Scene's got the best views of the Marina, imagine your dinner al fresco, with the serene breeze of wind blowing in your hair a la Grace Kelly (or Elvis). 

It's basically a photoshoot. 

Giphy 2

3. Because your dessert cravings are on a high

And rumour has it their toffee and date pudding, as well as the lemon tart, are out of this world!

Finish off your Sunday roast (YUM) on a high. Indulge in a Saturday or Sunday cooked dinner - just like Mum used to make and then enjoy one of their delicious desserts. 


4. Wednesdays are Bubbles and Squeak night

Mmm grape and cheese... round out your week on a high with the wine and cheese night happening every Wednesday at The Scene. And it's only AED99 for bubbles! 

The Scene

5. It'll be a cute spot to celebrate a March birthday

Good drinks- the fine selection of cocktails and house beverages, delicious food and a casual set-up for a birthday dinner/night out with friends. 

What more really?

Screen Shot 2017 03 14 At 7 03 48 Pm

6. There's a roast dinner offer every Saturday and Sunday! 

There's nothing like a home-style roast dinner on a weekend to cure a bout of homesickness. 

With roasts complete with fresh veggies and delicious Yorkshire puddings, you'll feel as warm and gooey inside as the gravy on your potatoes. 

It's AED119 - and even more good news, from March 31 roasts will be available on Fridays too! 

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