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The 7 Things We All Do The Second We See This Magical Candy Store At The Dubai Mall

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The colours, swirly lollipops and oh-so-inviting and large candy store at The Dubai Mall are always seeing the funniest of things. From tourists to locals, we’ve all been sidetracked by this magical kingdom of sweets, while walking trying to find Mango or Virgin.

“Entering Candylicious is like entering candy world and candy world, came with a lot of rules” (Mean Girls quote fail). No really, though, walking inside this haven of confectionery feels like a Neverland except instead of battling pirates, you battle your willpower.

To have the candy canes or M&Ms, that is the question. These are the 7 things we’ve all done at least once at Candylicious:

1. The eye widening at the sight of all those colours, and towers of jellybeans

You’re minding your own business, walking around, when suddenly you see this Candyland dream. You stare, gawk, and without hesitation…

2. You sprint into the store like a 3-year old again

Hello childhood, I am ready to re-live you!

Giphy 6

3. You go through the wonderment stage

This is when you look at the whole store’s overall appeal, your sights are surprised by the essence of chocolates and delicious treats around you. You look around and see the wall quotes and it speaks to your heart, your soul.

Giphy 5

4. The analysing stage

This is when you start really digging deeper. You start from one corner until the end, picking out what you like or… trying to overthink which you’d want more than the other.

Giphy 7

5. You see the Spun Candy station

You think to yourself, “Oh my god, I get to customise my own candy”, “Should I give it to Sara for her birthday”, “Should I be selfish and have it all to myself?”, or even “Why didn’t I get this for Valentine’s Day?”

A whirlwind of confusion takes over you…

A delicious gift for your sweet hearts!

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6. You envy the children who get to celebrate their birthdays in their party venue

Yes, it’s true.

Can I celebrate my 25th birthday at the Partylicious party venue and make it gummy bear and Maltesers-themed, please?

Giphy 8

7. You accept the truth, buy a few things, but wait…

Then you see the 3D Gummy Candy station and you’re done at this point.

Yes, whatever design you want.. in 3D. In five minutes, it’s yours.

*Cue the “Shut up and Take My Money” meme*

Giphy 9

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