Lovin Dubai Advent Calendar 2018: The Official Winners List Is HERE


Winners List Final

What a month!

The second edition of our Advent Calendar Competition 2018 saw hundreds of you participating in some INSANE giveaways, which started from December 1 until December 24.

Y'all took away prizes ranging from fancy facials to bougie brunches, NYE tickets for some wild parties as well as our FINAL bumper prize...a three-nights stay at Niyama Private Islands in Maldives.

Thank you Lovin Dubai readers for participating!

Here's the full winners list

Day 1: Fadwa Eraky
Day 2: Manu Nair
Day 3: Ellen Rose
Day 4: Divina Pascual
Day 5: Nancy Fernandes
Day 6: Mario Calcerada
Day 7: Mark Santos
Day 8: Frandy Cabayao
Day 9: Fatima Khanji
Day 10: Nigel Alexander
Day 11: Stewart Clarke
Day 12: Dianne McGregor
Day 13: Sahil Sawant
Day 14: Allister Dsilva
Day 15: Stephanie Lohale
Day 16: Apurva Singh
Day 17: Susan Philip
Day 18: Raveena Manghnani
Day 19: Clayton Fernandes
Day 20: Rachna Behal
Day 21: Cindy Nicolas
Day 22: Kriska Tejada
Day 23: Chetan Gandhi
Day 24: Rachael Pryce

Congratulations to all the LUCKY winners

See ya next year!

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Nikita Mukherjee

Being fairly new to Dubai, Nikita is still trying to find that perfect crème brulee. She loves buying cakes for no reason and then complaining about gaining weight in the same breath. She is obsessed with books, memes, pant suits and desserts—in no particular order. When not writing, she’s busy sleuthing unsolved cases on the internet.