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It’s Your LAST CHANCE To Try This Beautiful Garden Style Resto TONIGHT

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Skip the flight to Beirut this Ramadan.

Why bother, when if you walk into Al Falamanki, Dubai on any given night during the Holy Month it’s like walking off the streets of Beirut into the lively resto that’s so popular there….

It’s here you’ll find real Ramadan vibes.

I arrived at 10pm for suhoor and the place was buzzing. Every mis-matched chair and table both inside and out in the transformed leafy canopy tent was filled with people playing cards and backgammon, relaxing and smoking the good stuff. When I left at 12am the place was just as busy…

Al Falamanki is genuine old school Ramadan vibes, here’s what you need to know

Book in advance to secure a table…

Open from iftar until 3am, there are some brilliant Ramadan set menus to choose from

And the food is JUST great.

The a la carte menu you know and love is available throughout the Holy Month, or choose from the Suhoor combos; mini mankeesh tray to the Al Falamanki tray.

The mini mankeesh tray menu includes four mini mankeesh including the legendary meat on dough and cheese. It costs just AED45 and we’ll say no more because we’re hungry just thinking about it. (The price also includes veggies on the side and tea and coffee for two!)

Suhoot Mini Manakish

Or go with the Al Falamanki tray…

This includes foul medammas which taste like your momma made them, Khalil’s cheese which comes covered in thyme and more with veggies and olives on the side and tea and coffee for two.

Suhoor Al Falamanki Tray

Remember, the a la carte menu is available too; do not leave without trying the carrot hummus and the hot fresh chippies with beetroot hummus

2 J7 A0156

Fattoush, the famous Ramadan lentil soup and so much more

I6 A5498

The whole place is packed every night of the week during Ramadan

Thanks to the good vibes, entertainment provided by an oud player, excellent food and comfortable setting, once you visit once, you won’t want to be anywhere else!

2 J7 A7828

And it feels like home

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Head to Al Falamanki for iftar and suhoor this Ramadan

The iftar menu costs AED160 per person

The suhoor menu costs AED45 for the mini mankeesh tray and AED58 for the Al Falamanki tray

Open daily from iftar until 3am

Check Al Falamanki out on Instagram here

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