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Serial Tinder Daters: This Free Drinks App Is Your New Best Friend

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The cost of going out for drinks in Dubai is painful when you think about it.

And those regret worthy messages from your bank, reminding you of another crazy night are the WORST.

So, whether you’re a serial Tinder dater, or you simply like discovering new spots, you need this information: there’s an app that gets you free drinks daily and even better deals for paid subscribers.

Moonshine: the app that gets you free drinks every night of the week

Available on iOS and Android…Download now, thank us later.

You need the fastest growing nightlife app in the region in your life

The paid subscription gets you a complimentary bevvie PLUS a supporting offer daily. Whether you’re looking for a quick business lunch, ladies night, theme night, brunch and more, the app helps you discover the best of Dubai at a fraction of the cost.

Be like McGregor…

Your night out made easy

This is your go-to for anything and everything nightlife related.

Book spots, get alerts on deals, and discounts, oh soooo many discounts on brunches, evening brunches and beach clubs… Ideal!

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Discover your city, book events and nab daily deals all in one place

And the first round is always on Moonshine

Download the app on iOS and Android devices and sign up for a trial.

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