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ATTN Moms And Dads: Take Your Kids To This FREE LEGO Play Area And They’ll Thank You For It

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Trying to figure out where to take children on a fun outing while still getting to do what YOU want at the mall can be quite daunting. All those popular play areas with memberships tend to cost too much and it’s not like children will make use of the place for 99% of the time.

But Times Square Center, a mall located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed Road, figured out the perfect solution.

LEGO® BUILD & PLAY Zones has been placed at the mall, running until August 17, with three different sections for children aged 4-10 to enjoy.

There are THREE different LEGO® zones:

The three different LEGO® zones include: LEGO® Friends, LEGO® Ninjago and a Toys R Us Zone offering LEGO®s.

Daughters, nieces or little sisters will LOVE the LEGO® Friends area, with its frilly pink theme and adorable set-up, kids will take no second to run to this- for sure!

Have them enjoy a day of brick-building, engaging their minds AND having fun!


How adorbs!

Have the boys (or girls) live their inner ninja warrior with the Free Play, building table, mosaic or wire game

…And remember, all the above-mentioned activities are completely FREE.

(Low-key wishing for youth again- because this looks too cool!)



The kiddos will even be rewarded with certificates when they’re done

If you want to take part in all the cool LEGO® action, you can teach the kiddos (or learn along with them) on how to build these bricks.

Oooh la la!

The LEGO® Zones will be at Times Square Center until August 17

Head on down to Sheikh Zayed Road, and grab your family for a weekend of limitless fun!

The LEGO® Zones will be available from until  August 17.

This is FREE for children aged 4-10 years old and is open between 12-8pm.

What you waitin’ for?

For more info, contact 4 341 8020 or email info@tscuae.ae

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