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Here Are 5 Daily Costs That Are PRICIER Than This Premium Car Insurance

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Every driver in Dubai has insurance, and let’s face it, you’re either one of two styles:

  1. You scour the internet, searching for features you dream of, then check the price…. and you go for the cheapest one.
  2. You understand that benefits will make life easier when the day comes, and you’re, luckily, able to pay for that luxury.

But those days of compromise are over, friends!

How? Right now, AXA wants everyone to know about the unreal benefits you can enjoy, by paying from AED3 per day. Roadside assistance 24/7? Yup. Free airport chauffeur service? Double yup. Scroll for the list of features every driver will appreciate and these price comparisons that’ll make you rethink spending AED3 a day on insurance.

Just AED3 a day! Here are 5 daily costs that are MORE expensive than car insurance with AXA


Coffee, gym, snacks, this all adds up

Morning coffee averages about AED11. AXA insurance starts from just AED3!

Gym membership (which you’re 100% gonna start using soon) averages AED13 per day (based on AED400 per month membership). Your AXA insurance is a LOT cheaper than this.

Snacks. Feel like a pick-me-up, mid-afternoon? Unless you go for a piece of fruit (if you do, we salute you) you’re paying about AED6 more for a mid-day snack.

Your phone bill. Let’s say it’s average AED200 a month. AXA is cheaper.

Delivery charges. A single delivery with Dubai food apps can cost up to AED7 per day. JUST on delivery!

AXA: 1 Your spend: 0


From just AED3 a day, car problems don’t need to be a pain in the neck

Here’s why AXA stands out.

For when you service your car and you need pickup and drop off, AXA provides you with a free ride. Handy!

For when you get stuck, AXA offer 24/7 roadside assistance FREE, an airport Chauffeur Service FREE and Car Hire Service FREE along with guaranteed repairs at agency or AXA approved garages. They also do the RTA registration on your behalf, (you prayed, they answered!) plus there’s 40% non-claim discount for switchers to AXA. Take note!

Plus, (and you know it’s true) the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge you’re set up with a global insurance company with an unmatched reputation.

The important bits

More information is available online, (get a 10% discount if you sign up now) via phone 800 292 or in-store.

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