The AXE And Martin Garrix Collab Is Here And People Are LOVING The Results

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Roll up Martin Garrix fans, you are in for a SERIOUS treat!

The HUGE Dutch DJ, and the man behind the absolutely banging tunes, 'Scared to Be Lonely,' 'There For You,' and 'In the Name Of Love,' has released a fragrance in collaboration with AXE and it smells FIIINNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEE.

The MG AXE spray can will be around for a limited time ONLY and fans are living for this new product - grab yours now!

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YOU when you smell the new MG AXE spray

The launch of the AXE Martin Garrix Body Spray coincides with the AXE/Garrix collab on the new tune 'Burnout', an epic tune which has racked up 30 MILLION views since September! AND Garrix is coming to Dubai for a LIVE gig this November - this is so much information!

This is the tune everyone's talking about - check it out!

People have been jumping into the comment section and the basic reaction? This video is LIT

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This commentator just wants to try the new MG AXE spray - form an orderly queue!

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Don't forget, you can catch Martin Garrix LIVE in Dubai on November 30

Fans in Dubai RN

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