Barsha Height's Best New Bar Has The New Year's Eve Deal You've All Been Waiting For...

And 8 more reasons why you're going to want to visit

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It's impossible to keep up to date with all the new openings in Dubai. Take it from us, it really is. But when we tell you about Lucky Voice, you'll understand why this one is pretty special. (And when you hear about the incredible New Year's Eve Deal they've got, your wallet will be mucho-excitedo too.)

Welcome to Lucky Voice Dubai

Introducing a new karaoke concept that's not the cringetastic nightmare of your 90's memories...This is officially a karaoke bar, but really it's so much more than that. Located in the Grand Millennium in Barsha Heights, here are eight reasons why it's different:

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1. Any and all singing is done in fully soundproofed rooms

Forget any horrid karaoke memories you may harbour. The NEW karaoke concept is all about private 'pods'. Sizes vary, but each pod can hold between 6 and 25 people (the biggest rooms will be ready in early 2017). Anyway, this good news means all your Whitney moments will be safely confined to your private space.

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2. They've got a pretty fantastic New Year's Eve Deal

On the night there'll be FREE access to the karaoke pods*, but also singers, a saxophonist and DJ Cherelle Chambers will be playing tunes from Prince, Chaka Khan and Grace a bit of a nod to Studio 54, we thinks! The dress code is DISCO BABY, so get the sparkles out (big wigs and disco pants will also be very much welcomed)!!! 

But what's the deal you ask? So AED 250 will get you UNLIMITED drinks, complimentary canapes and access to the karaoke pods! More info and reservations here

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3. But it's definitely not JUST about the Karaoke

If you're not much of a singer, don't fret. The bar is located in the same hotel as Lock Stock and Barrel, and Belgian Beer Cafe too. So this is another great bar added to newest hot spot in Barsha Heights. The bar has a great menu (including a dedicated pork kitchen), with favourites like the Lucky Clawdaddy (a hybrid of a lobster roll benedict and a hot dog, if you couldn't figure it out) and honey & wholegrain mustard pork ribs.

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4. The price for karaoke pods can be used to spend on food and drinks

On a regular night for pod use is AED 150 per person for two hours, and since food and drinks can be redeemed back, this is a steal! 

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5. Each pod has a super fancy touch screen ordering system

Basically this means you can order without leaving your pod! Each pod has a mini-bar type fridge which will be filled with house drinks, but if you don't see what you fancy, you can just press the special 'yalla' button for immediate service...yep, there's a 'yalla' button. Amazing! You can also pre-order, if you'd like to make sure the bar is stocked with your favourite drinks.

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6. There are over 15,000 tracks to choose from

So basically nearly every song and lyrics under the sun is available at your fingertips. The opportunity to get creative is yours!

7. There's a ladies night launching in January and a brunch launching in February

Can you imagine how amazing a brunch here would be?! Free flow of drinks and a microphone tempting you all day. We imagine your journey would go a little something like this...

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8. Lucky Voice is HUGE in the UK

Karaoke is not a new concept. But most of us associate it with cringe memories, and crowded rooms filled with terrible try-hard singers. At Lucky Voice, the singing is limited to your nearest and dearest (or whoever you choose to share the pod with) which is why the concept has proved so successful.

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