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This Brand Is Creating A HUGE Buzz In The Arab World And For Good Reason

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A Swedish product has been making ROUNDS on social media, by vloggers, regular Janes and even some men. It’s called the LUNA 2 by FOREO, and it’s ’bout time the rest of the world get to know THIS. ABSOLUTE. GEM!

Ever had a facial?

We all know how beneficial they are for the skin, especially when done consistently – the peach-hued tint to your cheeks will usually thank you for it.

But there’s ONE con to a monthly-salon routine, and that’s the cost. Plus, the fact that not every salon you go to could know how to do a proper facial, chances are your skin type and sensitivities might not even be considered.

Ain’t nobody got time foh’ dat.

This is when the ultimate bae steps in

Behold, the LUNA 2 by FOREO.

This will CHANGE your cleansing game (esp. if you wear makeup)

Many SWEAR by this device’s ability to help the skin feel supple, clean, soft and smooth- all at the same time.

It’s a device made of silicone that vibrates, helping wash the face and rid the skin of impurities. PLUS, the LUNA 2 pulses every 30 seconds to remind you to move to a new spot.


There’re different silicone bristles that cater to ALL skin types

If you’ve got oily, combination, dry, sensitive skin- fret not, because FOREO’s device caters to all types.

There’s even a device specifically for the gents.

People who have used it SWEAR by its benefits

One Google search online and you’ll probably be SOLD on the FOREO’s pros too:

  • Leaves the skin feeling clean, smooth and taught
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Gives your face that WORKOUT it needs
  • No need to replace its brushes (thanks to the silicone)
  • No chance of bacteria
  • It’s 100% waterproof- even if you throw it into a pool!
  • It’s either with battery or rechargeable (either way, still convenient)
  • Those with oily skin say it has helped reduce sebum

AND that’s not all. Do your research and see for yourself.

It’s basically the new essential travel item

…or take it with you ANYWHERE, really.

They make cute presents too

In case you’ve been feeling lost on a gift idea.

Apparently, celebs keep their skin FRESH by using the Luna 2 by FOREO

We stan!

Forget ’bout your current beauty routine

..and replace it with this, cus it’ll be the only thing you need.

Well, other than a face wash to go with.

Order yours here.

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