GOAAAALS: Tap Into 7 Of Dubai's Game-Changing Burgers

Diet who?

Black Tap

We ALL love our burgers. In fact, you could even say we have our own burger culture across the city. There’s no getting away from it and the hunt is always on for the next new burger-based creation.

We’ll we’re ahead of the game – we’ve found SEVEN of Dubai’s best craft burger creations whether you’re looking for a midday meal, a weekend binge feast, or you’re simply craving a juicy burger after work. Famous not just for their CrazyShake creations that are oh-so Instagrammable, this popular NYC cult burger brand is also the go-to for their award-winning craft burger creations.

P.S. Black Tap DOES NOT do BASIC burgers, you can expect to taste 200 grams worth of patty on ALL their burgers topped with potato buns. The meat is imported directly from the USA and is called the Greater Omaha USA Beef AND they use a tenderloin steak in the Filet Au Poivre burger.

1. The Gulf Burger

This NEW burger was launched FIRST in Dubai before being introduced in any of Black Tap’s global venues. Made with prime burger patty, the Gulf Burger is crafted to include region-specific ingredients including arugula, zaatar, marinated haloumi cheese, pesto mayo, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado AND parmesan cheese.

If you haven’t tried this yet – have you really lived?

The Gulf Burger Name Tbc 1

2. The Filet Au Poivre

Torn between ordering a tenderloin steak but also craving a burger? We’ve all had to make such tough decisions! Black Tap’s Filet Au Poivre takes away one tough choice giving you your tenderloin steak served in a burger-form – say WHAT NOW?!!

The Filet Au Poivre is made using a rich t-steak cut, layered with peppercorn sauce, frizzled onions and topped with either swiss or blue cheese.

A lot is at ‘steak’ here – you definitely want to try this at least once!

Filet Au Poivre 1

3. The Truffle Burger

Truffle is still IN. There’s no debating that and we’re definitely happy we still have truffle specials to choose from especially if it comes with a wagyu beef burger, smoked gouda, baby arugua AND packed with truffle-yuzu vinaigrette and black truffle mayo.

Truffle lovers – this leaves NOTHING to the imagination and everything you’ve ever wanted.

The Truffle Burger 3

4. The Reuben Burger

If you're a little more on the focused, straight-to-the-core, double meat side of the burger preferences- this one might be for you.

The Reuben Burger is made with prime angus beef, and layered with beef pastrami, sauerkraut slicked pickles, swiss cheese AND a special sauce.

Pause – we need to wipe the drool off our faces just thinking about The Reuben.

The Reuben Burger

5. The Pizza Burger

Vuoi la pizza? Well, look no more.

You know how we said Black Tap takes away some of the toughest decisions we have to make (food-wise)? You’ll never have to endure another round of debates again – pizza vs burger.

Black Tap's iconic new pizza burger gives you ALL the feels of a pizza AND a burger. This one of a kind creation includes a succulent burger patty, pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, fried mozzarella and shaved parmesan.


Pair it with sweet potato fries and a cold, fizzy drink and this makes for THE perfect dinner.

Pizza Burger 4

6. The Chili Cheese Burger

Ahh bowls of chili – comfort food for all seasons.

Scoop up Black Tap’s flavorful Mexican chill beef creation and serve it on a juicy burger, add on frizzled onions, zesty cheese sauce and cheese and you have the very best twist of American food staples.

'Nuff said.

Chili Cheese Burger 1

7. And sometimes you really do save the best for the last – the award-winning Greg Norman

Named after the celebrated professional golfer, the Greg Norman burger has also like its namesake reached top rankings and it’s not surprise why! Winning the People’s Choice award two years in a row, Black Tap’s “The Greg Norman” burger is a juicy, wagyu beef patty topped with house buttermilk-dill sauce, blue cheese and arugula on a potato roll—beat out dozens of the nation’s best chefs again for the crowd-favorite prize.

No debate – start your burger bucket list of seven with the one that literally takes the prize.


Greg Norman 2

New milkshakes and menu items have taken this burger joint to THE NEXT LEVEL

And if you didn’t already know, Black Tap recently decided to shake up its own game with new CrazyShake milkshakes and even more menu items taking this urban American burger joint to THE NEXT LEVEL.

With 3 venues across the city (Dubai InterContinental Festival City, Jumeirah Al Nassem and Rixos JBR), it really is so easy for you to get down to Black Tap and try these new delish menu items:

  • -The New Yorker CrazyShake
  • -Crazy Banana CrazyShake
  • -Wing it with Black Tap – try their THREE new flavours in addition to home favourites, the South Korean BBQ
  • -Taco to me – Black Tap’s shrimp creations and yummy new dips are a MUST-TRY!

YES, we’d tap that!

The important bits:

During Ramadan, Black Tap is open across Dubai daily from 12pm.

In Abu Dhabi's Yas Mall and Cascade Dining, Black Tap branches are open daily from iftar time.

Be like Marshall, and get the burger of your dreams!

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