BOCA's Revamped Summer Menu Looks So Friggin Delish...You'll Kick Yourself If You Miss This One

It might have just become one of our favourite Mediterranean restaurants

Boca Mi

In an area known for its hip restaurants, BOCA in DIFC has made quite a splash. People with a penchant for Mediterranean cuisine have lapped up this restaurant, and rightly so...the beautiful outlet is stylish, friendly and has incredible food.

It's simple, tasty and oh so fresh with flavours to boot, but if you think that's remarkable, wait till you here what's in store for this summer.

It has overhauled its summer menu replete with fab dishes

Focussing on Spanish, Italian and French influences, the menu includes:

Finger-licking good paella dishes

A ridiculously tasty 12-hour braised lamb dish

Juicy tomahawk steak

Plus all the BOCA classics as well as tons of vegetarian and vegan options!


It's no wonder all the industry experts and food aficinados can't stop raving about this place.

There are more reasons to love BOCA

If for some bizarre reason these dishes didn't make you salivate, here are three other reasons why you should make BOCA your next summer destination

1. If you love everything related to WINE, its famous Friday brunch is back with a shebang

Friday Grape Festival Brunch has become even more interesting with a bigger wine selection (more than 20 wines to sample and experiment from).

2. It has the just the PERFECT place for intimate parties and events

The wine cellar is a great place to celebrate birthdays, private events, tastings and more.

3. The sexy BOCA's Bar

Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday nights at BOCA's bar are pretty legendary, if you ask us!

Important deets

Where: Boca, Gate Village 6, DIFC
Contact Details: call on+971 43231833, email at or visit

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