There Are Three Important Reasons This Resto Needs To Be On Your DIFC Hit List

**If you're hungry look away now

Burger & Lobster hit our shores last year and we've been pretty taken with the eatery ever since.

This restaurant actually started the burger and lobster trend, (you'll find copies which never quite match up) and it's famous for two things; whopper burgers and succulent lobster. 

The Burj Daman (DIFC) resto is a Dubai foodie favourite for plenty of reasons. Here are the top three...

1. The burgers are melt-in-your-mouth fantastic

Burgers are an art form here and the incredible feeds are the proof. The original juicy 10oz patty will do for your first visit however a repeat journey warrants 'the Beast' another 10oz patty topped with a whole lobster tail and oozing brie. 


Screenshot 2017 11 09 11 27 05

2. It's THE place to eat lobster in Dubai

If you're going to eat lobster in this city Burger & Lobster has got to be your go-to spot. It's all in the name right?

Choose from 'The Pounder' which is over 1lb of lobster grilled or steamed with fries or salad, or if you're feeling brave go large with a  1.5lb feast. This monstrous dish separates the boys from the rookies from the pros.

The Burj Daman spot also has some whopper lobster roll combos. Try them all, but word of warning; you may need to be rolled home.

Screenshot 2017 11 09 11 28 59

3. The DIFC resto is all about the friendly neighbourhood vibes

Grab your bib, and a group of mates to hit B&L. 

It gets messy but that's part of the fun. The restaurant, which has roots in London, before spreading its wings internationally has sprung imitations for one reason; the concept works.

But you'll need to visit for yourself to find out.

Screenshot 2017 11 09 11 28 21

Here's what you can look forward to

(The food porn starts at 0.36)

Oh and added bonus, it helps that the guests are cute, right?

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