This MAJOR Beach Club Is Bringing A Burning Man Institution To Dubai For ONE Day Only

This looks RAD tbh

Mayan Warrior Bmi

There are some parties you never forget and Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE is known for throwing plenty of those!

Mind you- these are not your average or basic parties.

Exhibit A: It's bringing a unique bash, part of Nevada's super popular festival, Burning Man to Dubai and it's happening THIS Friday, December 14 from 1pm to 11pm.

It's the Mayan Warrior community fundraiser and it's going to be NEXT LEVEL

Burning Man’s Mayan Warrior car and its unique design are the most talked about aspects of the festival.

The car is inspired by Mayan and Huichol art with a touch of modern technology, and has become more of a collaborative project uniting artists, photographers, musicians and designers from all around.

To do justice to this world famous exhibit, Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE is going ALL OUT to put up an event that goes beyond the borders of music and uses art and lights to create something otherworldly.

Here's a little glimpse of what you can expect at the event

The lineup of DJs is EXCEPTIONAL

On the decks are Oceanvs Orientalis, Dramian, Kawas and Space K b2b Dephdude, along with UAE resident artists including Frederick Stone, Aidin Karami and Michka.

Bmi 1

All proceeds from the fundraiser will go to support the illustrious art car

The fundraiser will aim to bolster the artistic involvement of Mayan Warriors at Burning Man festival, as well as to protect the Huichol indigenous Mexican community and their schools.

It's going to be an eclectic night of dance, lights, harmony and upbeat energy.

You'll mentally kick yourself if you miss this!

Bmi 2

Important information

The fundraiser is THIS Friday, December 14 from 1pm to 11pm - don't miss it!

Reserve your spot now - Call 056 113 3400 or

See the Mayan Warrior Fundraiser at Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE for more info

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