9 Fabulous Activities You Could Be Doing This Weekend Instead Of Cleaning Your House

Cleaning? More like kayaking!


If you always needed help in keeping your living space tidy, join the club.

It's not that we all enjoy living in squaller, it's just - who can be bothered wasting precious Netflix time, scrubbing floors or folding laundry!?

Also, procrastination is REAL, plus we get just two days off in a week (yeah, what's up with that!)...


Meet Helpling...the BALLER cleaning service that wants you to enjoy your time and leave the cleaning bit to them!

Why would you spend your weekend cleaning the house when you can do these AWESOME activities instead...

1 Go kayaking instead of cleaning

You can kayak in Palm Jumeirah or paddle away around the serene Hatta dam (the views are just stunning there). Your house cleaning can wait!

2. Dune bashing NOT dish washing

Off-roading is FUN especially now when the weather is so DREAMY. Why would you waste your time slogging away in the kitchen?

3. Cove Beach or Chlorox bleach?

Not a hard choice! Watching the sun set over the beautiful Arabian Gulf trumps cleaning your clothes any day.

4. Take a walk in the Wadi, window wiping can wait

Wadi Bih in RAK is known as the Grand Canyon of the UAE for a reason. Views of the country from the top of the mountain are some of the best!

5. Get a face scrub, forget scrubbing the floors

Because selfcare FTW....

6. Hello to flying flamingos...goodbye to folding clothes

Take a trip to Ras Al Khor sanctuary to meet the pink birds! So much better, RIGHT?!

7. Ditch the soaps - head to the slopes!

Your weekends are meant for skiing not sulking!

Get someone else to worry about your lounge being tidy, while you head to Ski Dubai and enjoy the snow.

8. Driving to the lakes > loading the dishwasher

PLUS Al Qudra has got a stunning new Love Lake, which is shaped like two intertwined hearts. You gotta visit!

9. Shop, don't mop

DSF is going on and shopping in Dubai is an absolute DREAM.

Go Go Go!

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Nikita Mukherjee

Being fairly new to Dubai, Nikita is still trying to find that perfect crème brulee. She loves buying cakes for no reason and then complaining about gaining weight in the same breath. She is obsessed with books, memes, pant suits and desserts—in no particular order. When not writing, she’s busy sleuthing unsolved cases on the internet.