If Your Roommate Is Messy - Send Them This Post Immediately

Or your kids, or your better half....

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Does your partner leave teabags stains build on the sink? Do your kids have a habit of leaving their prints on EVERYTHING? Do your roommate's bathroom habits make you want to gag?

Everyone's different, but if this rings true, your home is in need of a serious clean.

Personally I use a cleaner on a case by case basis; (visitors coming to town, if the floors need a good scrub or usually simply because a cleaner does a much better job than I ever could) so I need to know the cleaning service is reliable.

Enter Helpling; a German start-up that grew to 200 cities worldwide and is now dominating the UAE

The cleaning service has experienced a whopping growth over four short years and it's down to the phenomenal service and consistently good reviews and ratings across the board.

Allowing a stranger into your home might be difficult (the first time) but once you find a service you trust, you'll very quickly wonder how you lived without it

Because there's simply NO better feeling in the world than getting home from work to a professionally cleaned home.

And Helpling's numbers don't lie - they started out in one city, and today they are present in over 200 cities internationally. In fact, there are over 100k users worldwide.

Try it now - Get a cleaner from Helpling in four easy steps

Get the app - available on both Google Play and AppStore

1) Select your area

2) Provide details - How often? Once, weekly, every second week. What date and time suits you? Do you need your clothes ironed?

3) Pay securely - rates start from AED37

4) And chilllllll

And if you book it using the promo code lovinhelpling150, you get AED50 off each of your next 3 bookings for a total of AED150 until November 30. HURRY!

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Casey Fitzgerald

Outside of writing for Lovin Dubai, you'll find Casey inhaling hummus, making a constant stream of terrible puns and running around in circles.