OMG! A Dubai Cafe Has Mixed Coffee And Tea And It's The Caffeine Trend Of 2018 You Need To Try

Move over regular coffee or tea!


For all those times when you were confused about whether to have coffee or tea, a simple answer has now arrived in Dubai.

It has a little bit of coffee, a little bit of tea and a whole lot of freshness and uniqueness—meet the coffeetea drink!

A new fusion cafe that appropriately goes by the name of Coffeetea Fusion Cafe has recently opened in the Emirate and is already making waves on Dubai's hipster cafe scene.

And sitting pretty in the centre of it is this signature drink! 

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A formula that blends coffee and tea together? Pretty genius...

We can conquer the world with one cup of coffee or tea, imagine what we can do with a drink that combines both....

While the coffeetea drink deserves all your attention, there are plenty of reasons that make Coffeetea Fusion Cafe a must-visit place in Dubai...

1. The cafe is fundamentally unique with both its vision and menu

It's all about bringing the best of both worlds together, something that reflects in their menu. Think grilled salmon served with Matcha tea get the drift, right?

2. The cafe serves up one great cup of Karak Tea

You know how they say you can't buy happiness? But you can buy karak and that's kind of the same thing.

The folks at Coffeetea Fusion Cafe freshly brew this unique karak with a flair of their own and serve it in traditional Kolkata clay cups. 

Oh, also they are one of the very few cafes that serve a unique version of the organic Blue tea called the 'Butterfly Pea Tea.'

Seriously, you can't miss it for the world!

3. The view from the cafe is to die for

They are located at the Waterfront Market which basically overlooks the sea side. Picture you and your gang sipping on tea, coffee or both while the sun sets in the background. Pretty perfect if you ask us! 

4. They know how to have fun

As you wait for your food, their rack of board games will keep you thoroughly entertained. 'nuff said! 

Important bits

To know more about the cafe, call on 042277709 or send an email at 

Coffeetea Fusion Cafe is located at the Waterfront Market

They are open on weekdays from 9am to 11pm and on weekends from 9am to 12am. 

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