PICS: Look Inside Dubai Dream Offices - Part 7

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How come start-ups always seem to have funky little offices? 

Eat, a 500 start-ups company from Dubai, connects diners in the Middle East with their favorite restaurants in real-time. It's a reservation service, and we wrote about it last year when Uber's redesign for Uber Eats logo looked rather similar to it! 

They have a consumer app, but also offer a restaurant management app, and all this work is done from this amazing office in JLT. 

Eat has a team of 15 people from 11 different nationalities

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It has a 'Framery O'  soundproof work pod - you'll only understand how amazing it is once you try it  

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The carpet running through the office is provided by a company called 'Interface' that sources recycled fishing nets to create sustainable and noise absorbing carpets

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On one side of the office there's a live 'Eat' logo made of moss

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One of the pillars in the office features the signature cloud design of Dubai artist Myne And Yours

Occasionally you'll find a few employees sitting on exercise balls trying to improve their core strength and posture while they work

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They also have two pet turtles in the office, named: B2B and B2C

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The meeting room was repurposed from a vault - used to store expensive diamonds from the previous tenant

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All employees at Eat get access to the weekly fruit boxes delivered by 'Fruitful Day' and snacks by 'MunchBox', in addition to coffee and tea

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The team holds weekly team lunches where each week, one employee gets to share something they find interesting such as talking about productivity tips, motivational tools, mental health, and even theoretical physics!

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