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A Dubai App Is Letting People Pay For Awesome Activities With Whatever Loose Change You’ve Got

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Turns out, not all hope is lost just yet – you don’t have to crumble and throw away that list of new year’s resolutions right away (especially when it comes to trying new things and/or trying to stay fit).

An epic Dubai-based app has an offer that literally involves paying for all kinds of awesome activities with spare change

Switch DXB is a discovery app (available on iOS and android) where you can find out about all the incredible leisure, fitness and wellbeing stuff going on in Dubai and book them right on the app.

And Switch DXB is running a fab offer through January that lets you do something exciting with your loose change – the dream!

Someone literally comes to your apartment, collects your change, and in return, converts it to credit on the app

Basically, collect all those spare coins and loose change you have lying around, download the app, and select ‘Epic Change’ to book your coin collection.

For instance, for just 50AED, you can give paddle-boarding a go (at Kite Beach)

Or maybe go for aqua Zumba at a 5-star hotel pool for just AED60!


Or get some wind in your hair with a weekend bike ride at Al Qudra for AED95

There are a LOT of activities you can choose from and there is just about something for everyone.

Who knew you could do so much cool stuff with some loose change?

Download NOW on iOS and android to get involved!

(PS – all the details about this offer can be found under the ‘Epic Change’ profile on the app.)

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