5 Off-The-Beaten Track Holiday Destinations That Are Only A Short Flight Away

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It's time to redefine the holidays we take.

We've got some ideal destinations for you that boast affordability, LOADS of picture-worthy moments but ACTUAL life-lasting memories! Plus, they're near enough to go on a weekend trip.

And if you end up effectively managing and scheduling these short but INCREEEDIBLE trips, there's no reason not to go on more. Especially with Standard Chartered's 10% cash back on anything, thanks to the Platinum X card- worry no more.

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1. Kandy, Sri Lanka

A weekend spent by Kandy's spectacular lakes amongst the kindest people and enjoying spicy Sri Lankan dishes is the best refresh for any stressed mind.

And God knows, the working peeps of Dubai need this.

Kandy is probs the greenest city one could find, with affordable hotel rates and lots of great options for those wishing to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. Get additional AED 400 cashback every month when you book flights and hotels online using Plat X.

I mean honestly, just being in its presence is relaxation enough.

Must-dos: visit the forests, chill for a day at the royal botanic gardens, try doing yoga by its natural sights.

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2. Dahab, Egypt

The pyramids are neat and all, but if you’ve had the chance to explore Egypt, you’d know it’s SO huge, there are countless places to see.

One of those places is the idyllic town of Dahab, close proximity to Sharm El Sheikh but with a whole different vibe. Dahab has made a name for itself as the go-to place for scuba divers, because of its bright, vibrant coral reefs and the best instructors!

Another good thing for a weekend get-away is that it’s less touristy than Sharm el-Sheikh, and has the right balance between taking in Sinai’s majestic wonders while having fun and staying active.

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Si, por favor

Must-dos: snorkel, scuba dive, have dinner on top of the mountain underneath the stars (camp overnight), visit the underground cafés.

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3. Goa, India

If you've been intensely craving the sand in your toes, coconut in hand, 'listening-to-the- sound-of-the-waves' kind of vibe then GET ready, get set and jet off to this Indian state.

Anjuna Beach is a dreamy spot where many travellers go to catch some sun, zzzs and even attend the best of what nightlife there is on offer. Air India has flights from Dubai that's only 3 hours and 10 minutes away- imagine that.

Must-dos: visit the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, night markets, sip on coconuts and meet the friendliest peeps.

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4. Baalbak, Lebanon

Party peeps know that Beirut is the ULTIMATE spot for anyone looking for non-stop entertainment, even if it's for a short trip during the weekend.

But have you heard of Baalbak and its beautiful sights a mere few hours away? Because that's where the true beauty of this country shines.

Must-dos: Visit the ancient temples of Baalbak, like the Temple of Bacchus and the Temple of Jupiter, prepare to be awestruck by Beqaa Valley and revel in the serenity of the area.

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5. Larnaca, Cyprus

If you've not heard of this unusual spot in Cyprus, then you've been missing out on what could be the best thing to feed your eyes.

Shades of blue don't dull out Larnaca's skies but enhance them, just one tiny factor to its already added beauty thanks to it being split into Turkish and Greek halves.

Think of travelling here as taking TWO trips for the price of one.

Must-dos: LOADS of photo-taking, visit the Zenobia shipwreck and the Larnaca salt lake.

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